Netizens Are Convinced That Suga Will Be Featuring On An Upcoming Album

Will Suga be featuring on this upcoming album? The evidence is all there.

Suga made his debut as a featured artist earlier this year when he collaborated with legendary singer LeeSoraRa and Epik High’s Tablo to create “Song Request”.

Netizens are now convinced that this is just the beginning of Suga’s career as a featured artist as he’s been rumoured to feature on an upcoming album by none other than… Epik High! This rumour started when Suga and Epik High met up for dinner in January.

Speculation mounted over a potential collaboration between Suga and the alternative hip-hop group and it’s still brewing today. Epik High announced their upcoming album “sleepless in  __________” recently and have been teasing collaborators ever since.

The first collaborator was revealed to be Sunwoo Jung-ah, a singer-songwriter and producer. Then hip-hop artist Crush and music producer Code Kunst were revealed as the next collaborators. As you can see, Code Kunst’s picture was pulled from the side of the initial image where another image is currently placed.

Many suspect the image on the far right is Malaysian singer Yuna who teased the collaboration on her Instagram.

This just leaves the image on the left of the picture who netizens think is Suga of BTS. They have been comparing the black jacket in the image to the clothes he was wearing the day he met Epik High for dinner. The jacket definitely matches! Will Suga be featuring on Epik High’s new album?