Netizens Criticize ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin For The “Controversial” Concept For NewJeans’ Comeback

Even after seemingly having clarification, netizens still aren’t sure it’s all just coincidence!

The members of NewJeans have seen their fame skyrocket since debuting last year, but their upcoming comeback has been overshadowed by criticisms aimed toward their CEO about the concept of the future release.

The members of NewJeans | @newjeans_twt/Twitter

Yet, while NewJeans has quickly risen to fame, the group hasn’t been without its controversies, especially surrounding ADOR‘s CEO Min Hee Jin. Whether it was her past or criticisms surrounding the lyrics and styling of such young idols, it was a huge talking point among netizens.

ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin | HYBE

On June 26 (KST), NewJeans’ official Twitter released information ahead of the group’s comeback. In the video, with a car being seen, it was revealed that the song would be called “ETA” and had other pieces of information.


As soon as the video was released, while many fans couldn’t contain their excitement, others shared criticisms about how the concept seemingly linked to a terrorist organization.

In particular, fans pointed out that ETA was the name of a Spanish terrorist group in the Basque Country called the Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, which was active until 2018.

While many fans tried to defend the claims, adding that it was obvious that the acronym stood for “Estimated Time of Arrival,” netizens dug deeper. They focused on the names shown in the trailer, which are Mikel, Maria, and Eva.

The names on the trailer that gained attention | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Netizens pointed out that while the names might be common within Spanish countries, it seemed odd that they were chosen as they all have connections to the ETA in some way. Even those who had no knowledge prior to the criticism couldn’t hide their shock after doing some research,

Many believed it was a coincidence, but even those who were skeptical that it was done with intent, believed there were too many coincidences for it not to be addressed in some way.

It wasn’t surprising that fans had mixed views, and others were wary of making such bold accusations just based on a short trailer.

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Some even pointed out that even if Min Hee Jin wasn’t meant to make any connections between the comeback and the political situation, the CEO might have used it as a “Promotion” tactic.

Other netizens pointed out that they were in no way criticizing the members of NewJeans, but found it unfair that the lack of thought from the company impacts them negatively. They also wanted fans to understand the concerns of Spanish fans and that nothing was being done as a “Smear campaign” against the group.

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It seemed as if ADOR might have caught wind of the accusations as, after the initial teaser, the NewJeans’ Instagram account posted a photo with the poster, emphasizing that ETA actually stood for “Estimated Time of Arrival.”

Yet, even after the clarification, netizens weren’t sure about the concept of the comeback.

For many netizens, it was still too much of a coincidence when everything was put together. Others pointed out that Min Hee Jin’s past meant it was hard for people not to think the worst without an official statement addressing fans’ concerns.

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While many emphasize that they are not criticizing the members of NewJeans and there is no confirmation of the links, fans want the company to address people’s concerns with more than just an Instagram post.

Source: kpopthoughts/Reddit and @newjeans_ADOR