Netizens criticize EXID’s agency for poor condition of stage outfits

Girl group EXID has been gaining much popularity ever since the fan cam featuring member Hani went viral across the globe. However, recently, netizens discovered shocking images of the girls’ outfits, prompting criticisms.

On March 15th, a netizen compiled images from EXID’s recent promotional activities, with each of the photos showing the girls wearing worn-out clothing and accessories. In particular, stockings appear to be stretched out with holes clearly visible, while the soles of the shoes and boots appear to be coming off.

This discovery shocked the netizens, as most of them agreed that EXID has been doing well as a group and receiving a lot of attention from the media as well as the general public, so there should be no reason for the girls to be wearing worn-out stage outfits. Many went on to criticize the agency’s management of the group.

Check out the compiled images below.



Source: BADA.TV