Netizens criticize FNC Entertainment for not valuing FTISLAND

FNC Entertainment is under fire for a recent banner of FTISLAND around their concert site, missing a member and another appearing twice. 

Netizens shared their disappointment at FNC Entertainment for not focusing enough attention on FTISLAND. The banner, which is assumed to have been organized and created by FNC, is missing a member while another member is displayed twice.

Previously, FNC wrote the wrong subtitles for Cheondamdong 111 , tvN’s reality show with FNC Entertainment artists which also came under fire.

Here are some of the netizen’s comments.

[+67 / -0] Even AOA, before they made first place, when the company didn’t know their names, it was disappointing.

[+66 / -0] FTISLAND pretty much gave FNC Entertainment their name and popularity, but then they only focused on raising CNBLUE and now AOA. Now I heard that they are debuting more groups, FNC Entertainment should treat their older groups better. Also I was really shocked to hear that they didn’t know the names of the AOA members.

[+61 / -0] OMG, that is not right, they must not even double check the banners and just put them up.

Source: Pann