Netizens Criticize Jessica At The Cannes Film Festival, Claims She Got Plastic Surgery

Netizens bashed her for no reason.

Jessica Jung recently graced the Cannes Film Festival 2019, arriving in a luxury white carriage that matched her shiny princess gown!


Jessica looked stunning as she looked like a fairytale princess come to life in her mirror embedded one-shoulder dress that poofed out into a gorgeous feathery cloud!


As photographers and press celebrated her gorgeous look, netizens quickly began bashing her for her appearance.


Some claimed that Jessica recently got plastic surgery done to her forehead and chin.


While a large group of malicious commenters began bashing her for no reason. They accused her of being affiliated with Seungri’s scandal and just straight up criticized her for being gorgeous.


But these netizens must be blind because Jessica looks exactly the same as she did years prior when she promoted with Girls’ Generation!


But you know what happens when you’re living your best life… haters buzz around you to try and bring you down!


Pay no mind to the haters, Jessica! You keep being the gorgeous queen that you are!

Source: Ilgan Sports
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