Netizens Criticize Jo Hyun Moo’s “Unprofessional” Attitude With Girls’ Generation’s YoonA During The 2023 Blue Dragon Series Awards

“The way she was genuinely a pro because his comments were rude…”

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA recently stole the hearts of fans as she attended the recent 2023 Blue Dragon Series awards as the host. From her beautiful outfit on the red carpet to being on stage, the idol shined and gained praise from netizens.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA | Osen
| Blue Dragon Series Awards

While Yoona shined with her visuals and charm, international netizens shared their concerns about her co-host Jo Hyun Moo. Although he is a veteran MC, netizens felt uncomfortable about his behavior during the show, especially when it came to YoonA.

YoonA and her co-host Jo Hyun Moo | Sports Chosun

During the show, Hyun Moo mentioned YoonA’s role in the hit K-Drama King The Land. Yet, rather than just praising the idol, he explained, “YoonA told me to make sure to mention this.”

YoonA seemed flustered as she explained, “It’s not me. But it’s written here,” before Hyun Moo spoke about the show, adding, “King The Land, which has YoonA appearing, is reaching #1 as the Top TV show globally.”

While YoonA thanked everyone for their support, her co-host seemed to continue the “skit” by adding, “Are you satisfied now?”

Of course, not wanting anyone to misunderstand, YoonA emphasized, “This is written (on the script) here, everyone. Please don’t misunderstand.”

Another moment that caught the attention of fans was regarding actress Suzy. While speaking about the actress, Hyun Moo made a joke about her series Anna which seemingly didn’t hit with the crowds. After hearing the lackluster reaction, the MC said, “There’s no fun!”

Yet, Yoona came to the rescue as she tried to explain the joke and ease the “embarrassment” that her co-host had felt.

He made a joke using the series title. The script says to say, ‘Jeon Hyunmoo seems like he’s in good condition,’ but I feel like I shouldn’t say it now.

— YoonA

When the two clips were posted online, international netizens shared their annoyance with Jo Hyun Moo. Although many praised Yoona for being a true professional, others hoped that the idol would have another co-host in the future.

While YoonA shined and showcased her professionalism, netizens shared their anger that the idol had to deal with the “jabs” from her co-host but also had to cover for his actions when they didn’t go down well with the crowds.

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