Netizens criticize JYP after Changmin leaves the agency

With 2AM‘s Changmin reportedly leaving JYP Entertainment, netizens criticize JYP’s management of talent.

Earlier we reported that 2AM member Changmin will be leaving JYP Entertainment. With initial reports, netizens gathered to discuss the news as former members Jinwoon and Seulong has already left, prior to news of Changmin leaving JYP Entertainment.

Here are some of the netizens reactions below.

[ +500 / -16] It is true that JYP’s ability to market has gone down. Celebrities are like products that have to be packaged well in order to be sold. But JYP is a company that only displays the product in the industry.

[ +456 / -6] Jo Kwon seems like he’ll take JYP’s throne later….

[ +233 / -9] Not renewing his contract? Not?

[ +41 / 0] JYP’s biggest problem is making their group popular but not knowing how to do anything after. The artists themselves have to figure out their lives after…

[ +32 / -4] Ye Eun will be like JYP’s BoA, taking over the business side and Jo Kwon will be like JYP’s Kangta.

[ +27 / -0] For JYP entertainment, I think the CEO himself thinks he is the best instead of his artists.

[ +26 / 0] They are all suffering due to a producer (JYP) that only feeds his own greed. If the Wonder Girls didn’t go to the U.S., they would have been number one in Korea. 2PM releases a song in every million years. 2AM is now splitting. Miss A is surviving somehow due to Suzy who is doing well. I guess it takes skills too to mess up a agency full of so much talent and well known celebrities haha

[ +22 / 0] JYP’s advertising/marketing team needs to be replaced.. There are probably no other places that waste their pays like them

Source: Star News