Netizens criticize NS Yoon-G for collaboration with MC Mong

After NS Yoon-G released her newest single album Sincerely, netizens took the action to decrease the rating of the album and left malicious comments once they heard the news of MC Mong being featured in the title track “Wifey.” 

Once the album was available to the public, netizens gathered together to bring down the rating of Sincerely on music stream websites such as Melon, Bugs Music, and Genie. The 4.4 out of 5 stars rating album quickly changed to the low rating of 2.7 after the release.

Netizens have continued to harshly criticizes MC Mong due to his military evasion controversy in 2010. In addition to the reactions from the controversy, he had been banned from appearing on broadcasting channels KBS and MBC.

[+281, -18] “Ah…. I was going to listen to it but pressed return. Mong, thats why……….”

[ + 245, – 22] “Did you let MC Mong feature because you want to fail?”

[+192, – 18] “Monkey hahahahahahahahaha I’m sorry Ms. Yoon-G, I’m going back”

[+ 161, – 9] “Yoon-G, why did you use MC Mong in your title song :(“

Source: Melon