Netizens criticize the original author of SBS “Hyde, Jekyll and I”

The original author of the SBS drama Hyde, Jekyll and I, who previously accused MBC’Kill Me, Heal Me of plagiarism, was found to have used the Kill Me, Heal Me‘s title in advertising the hard copy of his webtoon series.

It was revealed that the author, Lee Choong Ho, who recently published his webtoon titled Dr. Jekyll is Mr. Hyde in book format through a well-known online book store, used the phrase “‘Kill Me, Heal Me’, ‘Hyde, Jekyll and I’ but… ‘Dr. Jekyll is Mr. Hyde’.” 

Netizens have shown confusion and criticism, leaving disapproving comments toward the author for accusing Kill Me, Heal Me of stealing and plagiarizing his story before going on to use the title to advertise his work as shown below:

1. [+ 575, – 14] That’s just low tsk tsk

2. [+ 544, – 15] You’re so shallow and cheap. You make problems for both dramas and than you’re busy making profit..I won’t be reading any of your work now~~

3. [+ 407, – 14] Tsk Tsk Tsk I knew this was going to happen.

Hyde, Jekyll, and I and Kill Me, Heal Me, which center around individuals suffering from a multiple personality disorder show, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10pm KST.

Source: Daily Sports