Netizens Debate Over aespa Karina’s “Unbelievable” Appetite

“When I eat a lot, I really eat a lot…”

K-Pop idols often say the hardest thing they have to do is the dreaded diet.

More often than not, K-Pop idols diet to keep their slim figure.

Considering the amount of dancing and singing they do, when either practicing or performing, this can be harmful and even dangerous to the idol’s health.

Hence fans often worry that their favorite idols aren’t eating enough.

It seems fans do not need to worry about aespa‘s Karina, however, as the idol revealed her “Next Level” appetite.

Karina | @karina__aespa/Instagram

Aespa appeared on The July 2 episode of MBC’s variety show The Manager.


When I eat a lot, I really eat a lot…

— Karina

During the episode, Karina confidently revealed that she has an incredibly strong appetite when her condition allows.


When I eat a lot, I really eat a lot…

— Karina

When asked how many bags of instant noodles she could eat, the idol answered she was able to three.


I can eat three bags of spicy ramen all by myself. I eat two and make myself another one and eat it.

— Karina

Three bags of ramen is a lot for anybody, but even more so for a K-Pop idol.

Also, due to the high calories in ramen, most idols barely ever eat one, so netizens were surprised to hear that she eats three.

Shin Ramyun nutritional facts | Nongshim

After the episode, netizens debated whether Karina’s appetite was fact or fiction scripted for the idol.

| @karina__aespa/Instagram

On an online forum, fans debated whether or not Karina’s three ramen appetite was real.

Many netizens just couldn’t believe that a K-Pop idol would eat three bags of ramen, even if they could.

  • “This is probably just to make an image for her. SM is notorious for checking artist diets. There is no way they would let her eat three bags of ramen. She probably eats it once or twice a year. It seems SM wanted a tough and down-to-earth image for the idol.”
  • “Three? I can barely eat one…”
  • “Rather than saying that’s how many she usually eats, she probably means that that is the maximum amount that she is able to. Just move on, don’t understand the controversy.”


Other netizens felt her appetite shouldn’t be too surprising considering how much they work out.

  • “I remember Oh My Girl‘s Mimi appearing on Na Yeong Suk’s variety show and stating that when she was a trainee, she would eat two ramens, two kimbaps, and ice cream for dessert but wouldn’t gain weight due to how much she practiced.”
  • “It’s totally possible for someone in their early twenties due to their high metabolism and the amount they practice.”
  • “It wouldn’t be weird for trainees to eat more than that. They are basically working out the whole day.”

What do you think? How many bags of instant noodles can you eat?

Aespa is getting ready for the release of their second mini album Girls. Stay tuned for the album’s release and the MV reveal for their single “Life’s Too Shot” on July 8.

Aespa poster for “Life’s Too Short” | SM Entertainment
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