Netizens Attempt The Impossible Task Of Choosing The Greatest Historical K-Drama Couple Of All Time

“Looking at this makes me want to watch the dramas all over again.”

Netizens debated over their favorite historical K-Drama couple.

On January 27, a netizen’s post asking which historical K-Drama couple is the best went viral. Knowing how difficult of a task it would be to choose, the author graciously nominated some of K-Drama’s most iconic couples to be included in the debate.

Here are the top 15 historical K-Drama couples chosen by the author (not in any order).

1. The Moon Embracing The Sun (Yeo Jin Goo & Kim Yoo Jung)

2. Damo (Lee Seo Jin & Ha Ji Won)

3. Queen Seondeok (Kim Nam Gil & Lee Yo Won)

4. The Red Sleeve (Lee Jun Ho & Lee Se Young)

5. Empress Ki (Ji Chan Wook & Ha Ji Won)

6. River Where The Moon Rises (Na In Woo & Kim So Hyun)

7. Scarlet Heart Ryeo (IU & Lee Joon Gi)

8. Love In The Moonlight (Park Bo Gum & Kim Yoo Jung)

9. The Legend (Bae Yong Joon & Lee Ji Ah)

10. Damo (Kim Min Joon & Ha Ji Won)

11. The Tale Of Nokdu (Jang Dong Yoon & Kim So Hyun)

12. Lovers Of The Red Sky (Ahn Hyo Seop & Kim Yoo Jung)

13. The Crowned Clown (Yeo Jin Goo & Lee Se Young)

14. Gu Family Book (Lee Seung Gi & Suzy)

15. The King’s Affection (Park Eun Bin & Rowoon)

As expected, netizens’ opinions had wildly different opinions in the comment section. Many netizens nominated their own favorite couples that weren’t included in the author’s list.

  • “Looking at this makes me want to watch them all over again.”
  • “Ha, they are all good. I can’t decide.”
  • The Princess’ Man, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “It’s not on here but I really liked Iljimae‘s Lee Joong Gi and Han Hyo Joo.”
  • “Where are my favorites Lee Seo Jin and Han Ji Min? ㅜㅜ.”
  • The Princess’ Man‘s  Jung Jong (Lee Min Woo) and Kyung Hae (Hong Soo Hyun).”
  • “I can’t decide.”

Were your favorites on the list? What is your favorite couple from a historical drama?

Source: theqoo
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