Netizens Debate Whether Hollywood Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Asking Actor Lee Seo Jin To Hold Her Bag Was Racist

“It’s Jamie Lee Curtis’s purse. She asked if I could hold her bag.”

A segment on Youn Yuh Jung‘s tvN program, Unexpected Journey, has become a hot issue.

Poster for Unexpected Journey | tvN

In the episode, which aired on May 29, Lee Seo Jin escorted Youn Yuh Jung to the Academy Awards as her escort.

Lee Seo Jin | tvN

In the episode, Lee Seo Jin was shown holding a purse. When asked by the staff whose purse that was, Lee Seo Jin answered that it was Hollywood actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

It’s Jamie Lee Curtis’s purse. She asked if I could hold her bag. I am not sure if she knew who I was.

—Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is then shown taking back her bag without thanking the actor.

Jamie Lee Curtis (right) | tvN

Korean netizens gathered in online communities to express their thoughts about the segment.

Comments section | Theqoo

  • 13. Wow, it sucks that she seems so entitled to others doing stuff for her.
  • 14. They said she didn’t say a word.
  • 15. I thought it was racism as soon as I saw it.
  • 16. Where is her manager? lol…
  • 18. What a stupid grandmother
  • 19. Rude
  • 20. What.. LOL

Comments section | Theqoo

  • 34. I think the program left it in on purpose?
  • 35. I think the program didn’t edit it out on purpose. Even if it isn’t racism, that is so rude that she didn’t thank him…
  • 36. I think it is racism
  • 37. It is racism, but it is also rude even if she did that to another white person… He’s not her manager, and even if he was a staff LOL Is saying, ‘Thank you,’ so hard? Just because she is a celeb, she thinks everyone is lower than her
  • 38. Wow, that is so rude. This and the ‘shoulder bump,’ our celebs have it so hard ㅠㅠ
  • 40. The fact that she didn’t even thank him means it is obviously racism…
  • 41. Rude

Although Lee Seo Jin is a decorated actor in Korea, it is understandable that Jamie Lee Curtis didn’t know who he was. That being said, is it problematic that Lee Seo Jin, who is Asian, was asked to hold her bag? What are your thoughts?

Jamie Lee Curtis is an established actress, producer, and author. She is also an activist who has been vocal about misrepresentation and fighting racism.

Source: YTN, Maeil Kyungjae and Segye Ilbo