Netizens Defend aespa’s Giselle After A Now-Deleted “Revelation” About Her Family Gains Attention

Her simple statement caused discourse among netizens.

Netizens recently came to aespa Giselle‘s defense after an off-hand remark about her family gained attention.

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Due to how open many K-Pop idols can be about their lives, it can sometimes feel like fans know everything about their faves. Aespa’s Giselle is one such idol, known for not limiting her thoughts or feelings when talking to fans.

However, it is possible not to know particular aspects of a person’s life, especially if no topics surrounding them have come up or they are mundane. Giselle recently revealed an aspect of her life that inspired a surprising reaction from netizens.

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As part of Rolling Stone’s Musicians on Musicians series, aespa were interviewed by Canadian musician Grimes. Fans have enjoyed content from the interview, as the musical acts are fans of each other.

During a now-deleted portion of the video, Giselle talks about how she was introduced to Grimes, mentioning that her stepfather brought some of her artwork.  She then explains the different styles of artwork she saw, showing fans a cool connection between the artists.

However, instead of focusing on the point of her comment, many were surprised by Giselle’s admission that she had a stepfather and focused on that detail instead.

While divorce is something that is looked down upon in many cultures, according to the American Psychological Association, approximately 40-50% of first marriages end in divorce. Many countries worldwide report a divorce rate of at least 30%, meaning remarriage is not something uncommon.

Netizens responded to this shock, stating there was nothing wrong with having a stepfather or any mixed family and to respect Giselle by not making it into a big deal.

Others even referenced NCT127′s docuseries The Lost Boys, where several members reflected on problems from their past involving their families in a way few idols have done before.

Giselle has a loving and supportive family, which you can read more about below.

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