Netizens Defend aespa’s Unedited Visuals Following Their Appearance At Yankee Stadium

They all looked gorgeous.

Living in the 21st century, there are so many ways for people to hide things about themselves, especially in photos. Apps like FaceTune are commonly used to cover up blemishes or distort facial features.

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Photo editing also happens in K-Pop, with selfies and official photos of idols edited to hide “imperfections” like skin texture or facial hair, despite the idol already looking attractive.

On occasions where idols can be seen with little to no filter or editing, fans usually encourage this with positive reactions, praising their faves for being “just like them.” This has happened on a few occasions, like when ITZY‘s Ryujin showed off her gorgeous looks in these unedited photos…

ITZY’s Ryujin

…or when Stray Kids had unfiltered photos uploaded for their appearance on an episode of Show Champion.

Stray Kids’ Felix

Now netizens have rallied behind aespa, defending their unfiltered good looks!

After their first pitch-throwing ceremony at Yankee Stadium, fans raved about how good aespa looked at the event.

aespa | @aespaofficial/Twitter

The group looked gorgeous in all the photos they appeared in, including ones that did not have editing on them. In these photos, each member’s skin texture can be seen, something fans have encouraged from all idols.


Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

In a post titled “Aespa shows us how well Koreans Use Lighting And Editing” a netizen attempted to comment on their natural looks and skin texture, even comparing them to other idols.

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While this post was meant to be criticize, commenters quickly took it in another direction, acknowledging that the group have skin texture, just like everyone else.

aespa’s Winter | @lofficielsingapore/Instagram
aespa’s Ninging | @lofficielsingapore/Instagram
aespa’s Winter | @lofficielsingapore/Instagram

In particular, a photo of Winter mid-pitch seemed to attract much negative attention. Netizens defended her directly, saying how ridiculous it was to use photos like this as a “drag,” and how having acne or other skin issues is normal.

Embed from Getty Images


Aespa are all gorgeous, and it’s lovely to see idols flex their good looks in photos without editing!