Netizens Defend BTS’s Jungkook From Criticism Over Noise Complaint

Issues over noise complaints are a big social problem in Korea.

Netizens defended BTS‘s Jungkook from criticism after it was revealed that the idol had received a complaint from his neighbors.

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On May 25, the idol held another one of his beloved livestreams. Jungkook has recently held livestreams to communicate with fans, much to their delight.

During the livestream, the idol revealed that he had received a complaint from his neighbors. According to Jungkook, his neighbors weren’t able to hear his singing, largely in part because of the idol making the room soundproof, but they were bothered by the vibrations from his speakers.

I can’t sing loudly during the evening anymore. I thought that this was soundproof, right? But I was told that although they (neighbors) can’t hear the sound, they can hear the vibrations from the speakers. So I received a complaint that wasn’t an official complaint. I apologized that I wouldn’t sing loudly at night, so I can’t sing loudly anymore.

โ€” Jungkook

After revealing that he had since apologized and wouldn’t be able to sing as loud, the idol then went back to serenading fans with his incredible vocals.

While some fans joked about the incident, in Korea, where issues of noise complaints are a major social issue, some netizens criticized the idol for allegedly being inconsiderate to his neighbors.

  • “He should be careful in the late evenings.”
  • “He should be careful if he received a noise complaint.”
  • “Vibrations can be as bothersome as noise.”
  • “It’s only right to be more careful in the evenings.”
  • “Vibrations can also be dreadful to neighbors. I think it will be best if in the future he sang without his mic.”
  • “It’s only right that he should be careful at night. Once I started hearing noise from my neighbors, I thought I was going to go crazy. It’s only considerate for neighbors to be careful.”

Still, many more fans defended the idol. Many fans cited the fact that Jungkook had gone out of his way to soundproof the room and argued that there was no way for the idol to have known that his neighbors could feel vibrations from the music.

  • “Oh, stop making things up.”
  • “There are so many psychos in the comments, LOL. They’re disgusting.”
  • “Stop feeding these idiots.”
  • “I thought people would criticize him without knowing the facts, and unfortunately, I was right… This is so tiring.”
  • “Jungkook isn’t the type to create controversy. I was wondering what the fuss was about.”
  • “I came back in to see that there are over 700 comments… Wow. Guys, if you watch the clip, it really isn’t that serious.”

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Source: theqoo