Netizens Defend “Crash Course In Romance” Actors Jeon Do Yeon And Jung Kyung Ho’s Age Difference

“I think their chemistry is just fine.”

Netizens defended tvN Crash Course In Romance’s Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho from audience members who claimed the two didn’t have chemistry due to their age difference.

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Recently on an online community, several audience members of tvN’s Crash Course In Romance stated that Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho lacked chemistry. In a post titled “Jung Kyung Ho And Jeon Do Yeon Have Zero Chemistry,” a netizen writes how they have fallen out of love with the drama.

Today (the show) was very boring. I was even embarrassed while watching the two. It was fun until yesterday.

— Netizen

Several netizens also chimed in, stating that they didn’t feel like Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho were good matches for one another. Some netizens cited the 10 years age difference between the actors as one of the reasons why they felt the actors didn’t have chemistry.

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  • “In the scene where Jung Kyung Ho and Jeon Do Yeon are walking after eating, Jeon Do Yeon’s tacky one-piece and hairstyle + vest reminded me of an aunt walking with her nephew or an owner of a boarding house and her young tenant.”
  • “Why does it piss me off when I see the two? Why? Sigh. I’m not Jung Kyung Ho’s fan, and I like both actors, so why?”
  • The Glory was a miscasting due to the age gap, and Crash Course In Romance was also a miscasting due to the age gap.”
  • “I didn’t bother to watch the drama because the two lacked physical chemistry.”

Other netizens, however, came to the drama’s defense. Many netizens stated that they felt the two actors’ chemistry was just fine and that they enjoyed the drama.

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  • “I think their chemistry is just fine. Jeon Do Yeon is over fifty, but she acts well, so I like her.”
  • “The two match each other well to me… Their attraction isn’t one of appearance or age but a subconscious one. A man who has everything may become attracted to woman’s quirks.”
  • “I thought it was really fun. Jung Kyung Ho is such a good actor. The last line in the trailer is really corny, but he pulls it off well.”
  • “I didn’t think (their chemistry) is weird.”
  • “I watched the drama without knowing, and I thought it was fun.”
  • “I couldn’t feel their age difference. They look good together.”

One thing for certain, age gap or otherwise, is that Crash Course In Romance has been a major hit with K-Drama fans. The show’s latest episode has seen the drama reach viewership ratings of over 13%, making it the most-watched mini-series in Korea.

K-Drama “Crash Course In Romance” Hits Its Highest Ratings Ever



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