Netizens Defend ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki After Receiving Unwarranted Criticism For His Behavior Towards Sunoo

ENGENEs shared the full story to stop any misunderstandings!

Since debuting in 2020, the members of ENHYPEN have always gained attention for their close friendship. After going through I-Land together, the members have become a family and always boasted a heartwarming friendship.

Recently, fans have come to the defense of ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki after he received criticism for “rude behavior” towards Sunoo.

ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki | @enhypen/Instagram

ENHYPEN recently held a live broadcast together, and it was unsurprisingly so much fun for ENGENEs to see the members together.

ENHYPEN recently held a live broadcast together | ENHYPEN/Weverse

Yet, one clip gained attention, and it was all about Ni-Ki’s allegedly “rude” behavior towards Sunoo.

In the broadcast, the group was celebrating and had a cake. Jungwon explained that Sunoo should blow out the candles, but before he had a chance, Ni-Ki put his hand in front. He pretended to blow them out with his hands. The members suddenly seemed shocked when the candles were blown out.

| ENHYPEN/Weverse 

Although the original tweet was deleted, the comments criticizing Ni-Ki were still apparent as they believed the idol had a “bad attitude” and was disrespectful towards Sunoo.

Yet, while some netizens shared their criticism towards Ni-Ki and his behavior, ENGENEs came to the defense of the young idol after believing that he had been a victim of unwarranted hate.

In the video, many netizens pointed out that after the candle had been blown out, Ni-Ki not only apologized to Sunoo. The idol also added that he had done it with the belief that his action wouldn’t blow the candle out.

Ni-Ki immediately apologized after the candles went out | ENHYPEN/Weverse 

Leader Jungwon then went to light the candles again and after Sunghoon tried to do the same actions as Ni-Ki…

| ENHYPEN/Weverse

| ENHYPEN/Weverse    

The candles were once again lit so that Sunoo could blow them out like Jungwon had said at the start, with the idol being the “representative” for ENHYPEN.

| ENHYPEN/Weverse

After seeing the full video and the hate aimed towards Ni-Ki, fans took to social media to defend the young idol. While many pointed out that it was obviously a joke and that Sunoo had his chance to blow the candles out, others explained that Ni-Ki even apologized and shouldn’t be getting hate for something so lighthearted.

Netizens also shared that Ni-Ki has a close bond with Sunoo.

They shared evidence of the close bond between the two idols, cementing that the youngest member’s actions were not intended to be malicious.

ENGENEs want to ensure that netizens don’t get the wrong idea about Ni-Ki from a short clip. The idol was having fun and immediately apologized to Sunoo after the incident, proving that it was never meant to be malicious.

Source: Weverse