Netizens Defend IVE From Allegations Of Chart Manipulation

“So you’re saying Kakao is manipulating all the charts?…”

Netizens defended IVE from allegations of chart manipulation after the group’s most recent single, “Kitsch,” dominated music.

IVE | Starship Entertainment

On March 28, IVE released their long-awaited single “Kitsch” from the group’s upcoming album, I’ve IVE, which is set for release on April 10.

The song has become an instant hit with Korean K-Pop fans and has been sweeping domestic charts.

Melon Chart as of writing this article | Melon Music
Genie music chart as of writing this article | Genie Music

Although fans celebrated the group’s achievement, some K-Pop fans weren’t ready to congratulate IVE just yet.

On March 28, a netizen uploaded an online post titled, “IVE Did Manipulate The Charts.” In the post, the author posted a domestic music chart showing “Kitsch” ranking first. The netizen then alleged that something fishy was going on.

| Nate Pann

This is really… weird AF.

— Netizen

The author then posted a pair of headlines from previous articles. One article covers Kakao’s decision to remove rankings from real-time music charts due to chart manipulation, while the other article alleges Kakao of giving an unfair advantage to IVE over LE SSERAFIM. For context, IVE is signed to Starship Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of Kakao Entertainment.

  • “Kakao, ‘Chart Manipulation scandal’ Melon Chart Rankings Are Deleted. Played Randomly.”
  • “Kakao Uplifts IVE While Cutting Down LE SSERAFIM.”

The author then alleges Kakao of foul play to give IVE’s newest song an unfair advantage.

Why did you do that, Kakao? You’re so shameless.

— Netizen

Many fans, however, defended IVE, stating that the song charted on its own merit. Other fans joined in and alleged that the author of the post was just jealous that IVE was dominating the charts.

  • “So you’re saying Kakao is manipulating all the charts? Right? From foreign iTunes charts to Youtube’s chart on which IVE is currently number 1 worldwide, that’s all chart manipulation, right?”
  • “It would have been great if they flopped, but they are all like kicking @ss and stuff, right (sarcasm)? ㅠㅠ.”
  • “If your group charts in number 1, it’s because of their skills, and if IVE does it, it’s chart manipulation? LOL.”
  • “Sure, it’s chart manipulation, LOL. Since fans bought the record, and so did people all over the world, LOL. It would be great if you bought your group’s records, LOL. What can you do when your group’s songs are $hit?”
  • “Seeing the likes on this post, IVE is absolutely a tier 1 idol group, LOL. Haters want to claim its chart manipulation, but the more you guys hate, the more evidence it is that IVE is winning, LOL.”
  • “It’s not chart manipulation! I’m going to sue the author of the post. You fool!”

Meanwhile, IVE recently made their long-awaited return with “Kitsch.” Check out the song’s music video in the link below!


Source: nate pann