Netizens Defend NewJeans’ “Ditto” From Plagiarism Allegations

“Don’t gaslight us into believing this is plagiarism…”

Netizens defended NewJeans from recent plagiarism allegations.

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On March 21, a post online went viral. The post, “NewJeans – ‘Ditto’ Plagiarized A Japanese Song,” quickly garnered views.

In the post, the author alleges that NewJeans’ hit song “Ditto” plagiarized the opening song of the anime Trouble Chocolate.

Those who plagiarize often use parts of old songs to not get caught. In ‘Ditto’s case, it plagiarizes the melody from a Japanese song titled “C.H.O.C.O.”

— Author of post

The author then posted links to both “C.H.O.C.O” and “Ditto.”

“C.H.O.C.O” is a synth-based track with house drums. After listening to the song, many netizens felt it wasn’t nearly similar enough to warrant accusations of plagiarism.

  • “I just listened to the song, and it’s so different that I thought this was a joke, LOL.”
  • “Are you crazy? There is nothing similar about the songs.”
  • “I’m so over this. Is this what you’re resorting to because there is nothing to hate on them about? LOL.”
  • “I’m not a fan, but I was surprised to see how they weren’t alike at all.”
  • “Don’t gaslight us into believing it’s plagiarism, LOL. “
  • “I’m really not a fan, but I don’t see how this is plagiarism. What parts are similar? Do my ears suck?”
  • “Nope.”
  • “Can someone explain where it is similar? LOL.”

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