Netizens Defend “Running Man”‘s Jeon So Min From Hate Comments

“Now, I can’t picture a Running Man without Jeon So Min.”

SBS‘s Running Man is one of Korea’s most beloved shows of all time.

Cast of Running Man | SBS
Cast of Running Man | SBS

The show is historic for many reasons, one being just how popular it is with international fans.

Running Man in Vietnam | SBS

Unfortunately, with more fans come more trolls. Hate comments were so bad that the show had even closed its comment section.

One of the hater’s most targeted members is actress Jeon So Min. The hate seems to stem from the actress joining the show as a full time regular in 2017.

Jeon So Min’s little brother exposing hate comments he has received |

The actress is currently on a blazing hot streak as both a variety show entertainer, and actress.

Jeon So Min | @jsomin86/Instagram
| @jsomin86/Instagram

The actress’s efforts on tvN‘s Sixth Sense have given the entertainer’s variety show career its second wind, while she has steadily continued her acting career.

Jeon So Min (left) and Junho (right) | tvN
Poster for Sixth Sense | tvN

So fans were dumbfounded to see a troll leave a hate comment on the actress’s Instagram.

On July 3, actress Jeon So Min uploaded a video clip of her filming for SBS‘s Running Man. In the clip, the actress is seen holding a tube while being dragged in the water by Haha.

A good oppa who plays with his dongseng 🙂 Today watch Running Man and Cleaning Up! SBS 5pm, JTBC 10:30 PM. (sic)

— Jeon So Min

Fans were shocked to see a hate comment on the post pinned by the actress.

The netizen who wrote the comment doubled down after seeing his comment was pinned, trolling the actress further.

The IG page of the netizen | Instagram of the netizen was redacted for the protection of his identity.

Netizens let the troll know that his stunt wasn’t funny.

The troll has since gone viral in Korea. In a post that has been watched over 80K times, netizens reacted with surprise at the hate and defended Jeon So Min.

  • “She’s cute and funny.”
  • “They are still doing this $hit. So Min unnie has been a regular for years and has performed well, even when she was a guest. Why are they doing this? I think they are doing that because they are jealous. Stop bothering her, you psycho.”
  • “So Min is a bundle of joy. Why are foreign fans still doing that? It’s been years… Sigh.”
  • “Foreign fans don’t like Jeon So Min? Why?”
  • “Jeon So Min is funny, cute, and pretty. I like her so much.”
  • “Wtf, why are they like that?”
  • “Now, I can’t picture a Running Man without Jeon So Min.”

What do you think of Jeon So Min on Running Man? Is she your favorite?

Source: Theqoo

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