[★TRENDING] Netizens defend the secret marriage between Won Bin and Lee Na Young

After a Korean reporter shared his opinion and his disapproval on how Won Bin and Lee Na Young kept their wedding a secret, netizens came to the defense on the newlywed.

Needless to say, the public was highly surprised when news of celebrity couple and actors Won Bin and Lee Na Young officially tying the knot was reported by Dispatch on May 31st.

A journalist stated, “On May 20th, hidden items reported that Won Bin and Lee Na Young were planning a marriage but was denied by related officials. However, on the 30th, they held a wedding on a small path in the countryside of Kangwon-do.”

The newly wed couple stated, “We wanted the news of our marriage to come from us and not anyone else.”

In reply to this statement, said reporter complained and said, “I never really took their denial at face value but completely going against their word in 10 days is a bit too much.”

“It’s understandable why they acted the way they did. They must have been extremely flustered when a secret wedding they had been planning for so long was exposed against their will and I do not blame them for denying the anonymous source to not garner too much attention to their secret wedding. However, it is a shame that in their attempt, they resorted to lying and undermined the credibility of news sources and solidified the credibility of the paparazzi and anonymous reports.”

Netizens who came across this article criticized the reporter and defended the newly married actor couple.

[+ 519, – 38] Stop acting so pathetic and just congratulate them why don’t you? Even fans are being silent.

[+ 446, – 20] To be blunt, they have no responsibility to let the people know whether they’re getting married or divorced. If they admitted to getting married, you would have overwhelmed them with flashes and cameras and that’s why they denied it.

[+ 351, – 13] Reporters need to reflect on themselves first and admit that they are doing things wrong first.

Source: OSEN