Netizens Defend Super Junior’s Heechul Over “Inappropriate” Comment Towards LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha

Netizens shared the whole context of the comment, and it cleared up misunderstandings.

The Korean variety show Knowing Bros (also known as Men on a Mission) is known for pushing the boundaries and its comedic skits with idols and Korean celebrities.

Recently, netizens have come to the defense of Super Junior‘s Heechul after a comment towards LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha was taken out of context and criticized.

Super Junior’s Heechul has been a star on “Knowing Bros” | JTBC

The most recent guests on the show were the members of LE SSERAFIM, who made their second appearance on the show.

LE SSERAFIM on “Knowing Bros” | JTBC

After the episode aired, one international fan gained attention after sharing screenshots from the episode that portrayed Heechul in a negative way. In the pictures, after Kazuha spoke about gaining “new uncles,” Heechul responded by talking about the young idol giving her number.


When the screenshots were shared, netizens shared their anger at the comment, claiming that the age gap between the two idols meant it was a very inappropriate thing for Heechul to say to Kazuha. They also brought up past actions of the idol and his attitude towards women.

Yet. very quickly, an international fan tried to clear up the rumors and allegations of the inappropriate comment by sharing the full context of the images, including the clips related to the screenshots.

In the first clip, there is an exchange between host Kang Ho Dong and LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura. During the clip, the two spoke about how they’d previously met. While the others joked about how they couldn’t be close because they hadn’t had a meal together, Sakura and Ho Dong explained it was a “Business relationship.”

Ho Dong added that he also didn’t have Sakura’s number. So when the others asked if they minded giving his number for the meal, Sakura explained that she would give her manager’s number.

In the second clip, it was towards the end of the show, and Kazuha explained how much fun she had, adding, “I feel like I got new uncles in Korea.”

The cast seemed happy about being called “Uncle.”

Heechul then referred to the past conversations, adding, “Will you give your uncles your number.” Like Sakura, Kazuha explained that it was all down to the manager.

While the few international netizens who saw the real context shared their anger at fans trying to destroy a career through screenshots…

It even gained attention on Korean forums, where Korean netizens couldn’t help but hit back at the criticism towards Heechul. They shared how easy it was to draw conclusions from a few screenshots, especially without context, and how wrong it was.

  • I’m honestly amazed by how there are more people who simply don’t care about context because they want to curse him out.
  • There’s way too much fake news spreading online.
  • Wow, this fake news is crazy.
  • There are too many hater fans who write malicious comments on community sites just for fun. They just curse them out without looking at the context, and if they’re wrong, they just cyberbully them….

While it is understandable that the screenshots could cause confusion, the level of misunderstanding has caused a lot of backlash towards Heechul online.

Source: theqoo and HerRandomTweet