Netizens Demand Mnet Explain The Final Scores For Queendom 2

“All the teams worked hard, but the results should be fair…”

On June 2, Mnet‘s Queendom 2 came to a close, with WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls) being named winners.

WJSN wins Queendom 2 | Mnet

After the episode, a post on an online community has since gone viral asking for the show to reveal the raw data and outline criteria for scores.

The post demanded that the show reveal five issues that are currently clouded in controversy.

All the teams worked hard, but the results should be fair. We ask the production team to resolve these five issues.

— Netizen

  • Reveal the total number of streams that accounted for the scores.
  • Please explain why the YouTube scores were changed.
  • Reveal the total number of live votes.
  • Explain the criteria for the scores and the metrics that were taken into account.
  • Reveal the overlapping streaming data and the metrics that were taken into account.

Netizens allege that “overlapping streaming” scores were subtracted from all the groups except WJSN.

Graph shows LOONA’s “POSE” had a much higher stream count than WJSN’s “AURA”| Nate Pann

Netizens also allege that streaming scores were inconsistent based on streaming data. A graph provided in the post shows streaming scores compared to streaming data were grossly inconsistent, with WJSN having the smallest discrepancy and LOONA having the largest.

Blue (total streams) and Orange (streaming scores given) for groups from left to right: LOONA, Viviz, WJSN, Kep1er, Brave Girls, Hyolyn | Nate Pann

Netizens are not willing to give Mnet any passes, especially given that WJSN’s label Starship Entertainment has been in cohorts with Mnet before.

Should have known something was up when WJSN was getting preferential treatment. Mnet and Starship seem to get along great.

— Netizen

  • 401. This always happens when Starship is involved
  • 402. Please explain
  • 404. Anybody can see this is strange… There is no way WJSN had not 1 “overlapping stream”, right? We just need the raw data at this point.
  • 405. People saying there is no way Mnet will mess with scores is so funny lol. They were the same people that messed with Idol School, Produce 48, and Produce X… They’ve done this over three times.
  • 406. ->405 Don’t you think because they were sent to jail for those three times, they wouldn’t? Queendom 2 wasn’t competing to debut but a comeback. It doesn’t make sense for them to mess with the scores.
  • 407. Mnet and Starship have a history together of messing with scores, so we just need the raw data. It’s inevitable.
  • 408. -> 406 I Wouldn’t give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • 409. -> 406 Mnet fixing scores isn’t a choice made by the individual but represents the flawed system as a whole. Although the individual workers change, those in control of the system remain, right?
Source: Theqoo and Nate Pann