Netizens Disagree On How “Superman Returns” Shiha Is Being Raised

“But when they’re young, you shouldn’t confuse their sexual identity. The parents might end up regretting later.”

Netizens have been expressing different opinions about the way Shiha, Bong Tae Gyu’s son, is being raised.


Shiha has often been portrayed on Superman Returns looking and acting in a very feminine way. This has caused many netizens to think that Shiha was actually a daughter and many were even surprised to find out that the cute child was actually a son!

  • “I sometimes watch Superman Returns and I thought he was a girl at first too lol.”
  • “Shiha was a boy?”
  • “I thought Shiha was a girl up until now…but he is a boy!”
  • “I thought he was a girl…”
  • “I thought he was a girl too…No wonder he had a pretty husky voice lol.”


In fact, it wasn’t only the netizens who misunderstood Shiha’s gender. Soccer player Lee Dong Gook’s son, Sian, also seemed pretty shocked when he found out that Shiha was a boy.

After following Shiha to the restroom and finding out that he was, in fact, a boy, Sian was shocked.

Sian tried to process what he just saw and said, “She’s a girl…”, but Bong Tae Gyu confirmed that Shiha was a boy and Sian was extremely confused.


This was because Sian had gone on “dates” with Shiha in the past, thinking that he was a girl.


In response to all the misunderstanding of his child’s gender, Bong Tae Gyu recently uploaded a post on his Instagram explaining his beliefs and method of raising his child.

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“Shiha likes the color pink and also wants to become a princess. If so, I plan to support and encourage him. In my opinion, the most important thing is not the standards that society sets, but it’s Shiha’s happiness 🙂 Moreover, I also like the color pink. And I still have two kids… :)”


Netizens had mixed reactions to Bong Tae Gyu’s post. Some supported his child-rearing methods and admired him for his forward way of thinking.

  • “He’s a good father 🙂 The color a child likes is his or her own preference. It’s illogical to say that all boys like blue.”
  • “Our son liked pink too. He also liked pictures of pretty girls. I support the things that the child likes rather than the social standards. Because it’s not a bad thing.”
  • “Shiha is so cute~ Bong Tae Gyu is very family-oriented and plays with his son very well, he seems like a great father lol.”
  • “Our son also had the same haircut and liked the color pink. He even had dimples and really cute smile so people would often ask if he was a daughter…but now, he’s in his first year of middle school and he’s become a man.”
  • “I heard that children should embody both masculinity and femininity through a documentary. You’re doing a good job!”


Others, however, disagreed with his method and expressed their own opinion about how Bong Tae Gyu was affecting his child.

  • “But if others see the child and think he is a girl, isn’t that a problem too? Other people in addition to Sian thought he was a girl too. It’s weird.”
  • “But when they’re young, you shouldn’t confuse their sexual identity. The parents might end up regretting later.”
  • “Are they encouraging homosexuality from childhood? This kind of broadcasting is pathetic. Homosexuality is an illness of the mind. Disgusting.”
  • “Still shouldn’t you try to find pink clothes for boys? I don’t know, you raise your child however you want but I don’t think it’s right…”
  • “A boy should be raised like a boy, not like a girl…After appearing on A Tale of Legendary Libido, the father must have developed some sort of sexual perversion…Anyway, this is not normal…”
  • “Why did he cut his child’s hair like that in the first place, making people wonder if it’s a boy or girl. He even made the kid himself doubt whether he’s a girl or boy.”


Despite the difference in opinions, it is evident that Bong Tae Gyu’s love for his child is inseparable and as long as Shiha is happy, then that’s all there is to it!

Source: Nate and Nate