Netizens Discuss Whether BTS’s RM Just Hinted At The Reason For The Group’s “Off-Season”

“I just got chills…”

With BTS taking an “off-season,” or period of rest that ARMY feel is well-deserved, fans of the group are wishing they rest well, heal, and come back more rejuvenated than ever.


Just like BTS’s latest single, “Yet To Come,” promises, there are still so many great things memories to be had.

BTS in the music video for “Yet To Come” | HYBE

Despite fears from within the industry, it seems BTS’s fans understand that this is a slight pause, nothing more, and just want the group to recharge their batteries. After all, the group has been promoting non-stop for the better part of a decade.

And what a decade it has been….


With the amount of success BTS has had, most artists would be content to just relax and enjoy life… That is unless you’re BTS’s world-class leader RM.

RM | Film Daily

RM is famous for his incredible work ethic and the level of perfection the artist demands from himself.

And a netizen feels he recently gave a clue as to how he might be spending his “off-season.”

Netizens gathered in a post online titled, “Is BTS Taking A Break To Learn How To Produce And Write Their Own Music?” The post uploaded on June 22 has since gone viral with over 100K views.

In the post, a netizen uploaded screenshots from a recent Livestream with RM. In the screenshots, RM is seen telling fans where he feels the group can improve.

RM | BTS/Vlive
RM | BTS/Vlive
RM | BTS/Vlive

I’ve been thinking we need to be more directly involved in creating the album in its totality. We need to eventually be able to write, produce, and edit our own music. I think that is one of the reasons some discredit us.

— RM

Netizens applauded RM for striving to improve, even though the group has enjoyed more success than most groups in the history of music. Despite having numerous songs that the group wrote and produced themselves, it seems RM wants the group to be even more involved with creating the group’s sound.

  • Honestly, at this point, he could just relax and just sing and dance to songs that are written for him. The fact he is still trying to improve is cool AF…
  • Wow… Our leader is so determined… I just got chills… You know that one meme of him reading a hate comment and saying he’ll prove it to them.
  • Remember SUGA saying he has gone back to become a trainee… That his schedule’s more packed than a trainee… SUGA looked so happy when he said that… He said it was so fun and that he’s happy he is able to do it… I want to tell people. Our members are these types of people… That they aren’t idols, who are drunk off their success… That they are getting ready to jump higher than ever so please just leave them alone… ㅠㅠ
  • You can tell the rap line is just crazy about music…
  • I’m not an ARMY, but BTS is really cool. Honestly, if you are as big as BTS, they don’t really have to write their own music because all the best songs are sent to them. But the fact they want to use their own voice and so are taking a break to not lose their identity… And  because the leader holds the teams to these morals (they are so cool)…
  • SUGA said he’s learning music theory for the guitar.

Even during the “off-season,” RM’s charisma and passion for music never stop, making him the perfect leader for this super team.

Source: Nate Pann