Netizens Are Disgusted By The Severity Of Malicious Comments Directed At IU

“They seriously seem like people who are mentally ill.”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

A netizen’s post on an online community exposed hate comments directed at IU and its severity.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

On February 2, a netizen uploaded a post titled “The Current State Of IU Anti’s Looks Really Serious.” The post has since been viewed over 140K times, as of this writing, and has been commented on over 900 times.

In the post, the netizen uploaded several hate comments directed at IU. The netizen adds that the post was not meant to bring more exposure to the comments but rather that its severity compelled them to post it.

Just in case someone says this post is to exhibit the hate comments, (I’m only posting it) because it really seems serious.

— Netizen

The netizen then posted a hate comment on YouTube. The post’s author claims that this anti-fan is the main culprit. The anti-fan can be seen commenting about what is presumably about IU’s real-estate purchase that was initially alleged as a speculative investment only. All allegations died down once it was revealed that IU had purchased the building to build a studio for herself and a junior artist.

  • “This is the second coming of North Korea’s Kim Il Sung. The dictatorship that tries to censor by suing needs to be investigated, whether it is a speculation play or not.”
  • “I’m going to capture and post the level of class of IU’s fans on UAENA ^^.”
  • “What are the people who bought land in Gwancheon Dong? IU seems fishy. The prosecutors need to make an example out of her and investigate her. She tries to censor through lawsuits because all hell will break loose if someone uploads a petition. What would have happened if, instead of IU it was Lee Myung Bak or Choi Soon Sil?”

The post’s author then states that the aforementioned anti-fan teamed up with another and filed a petition that made the news.

  • “Everyone, the overseas petition is open. We just need 100 more people! You don’t have to verify your identity, and you only need your name and email address. It only takes 30 seconds (to sign).”
  • “We are about to send a coffee truck to the film set of IU’s drama. The menu is plagiarism latte, Yuckmericano, Viral-ade, Death-note tea, and Loli-tea. Desert: Onion Bagel.

    The banner (will read): ‘Lee Ji Eun (IU), please explain the plagiarism.”

    We are planning to gather the funds in a foreign bank account. We will research a route to keep our anonymity.

    I will tell you when it’s possible to deposit (funds). Please be on the lookout.”

The post’s author then claims that the two anti-fans began stirring up a rumor that IU had plagiarized songs. The anti-fans can be seen alleging IU of committing crimes such as hacking and suppressing the media.

Even her singing with her chest before suddenly singing the third verse quietly in falsetto is similar. Lee Ji Eun is so reprehensible.

— Anti-fan

From now on, I’ll diligently spew hate and turn this into something bigger. All I ask is that you like, follow, and comment! Let’s refresh our hearts that have been gaslighted into believing that no one in the country should hate IU. I re-uploaded it. Let’s publicize the many crimes (hacking, buying followers, suppressing the media, erasing comments, deleting channels, etc.) IU has committed!

— Anti-fan

The post’s author then exposed some of the hateful comments written by the anti-fans’ followers. The followers can be seen repeating the same plagiarism accusations and the hateful rhetoric spewed by the aforementioned anti-fans.

  • “In my dream, I felt IU’s heart. It was so scary,which serves me right. The end.”
  • “How did IU’s heart feel in your dreams?”
  • “Even if IU didn’t exist in this world… The woke public will reveal the truth and will record all of it in the history of the entertainment industry and present it to future generations.”
  • “Even normal citizens can see her manipulation, and if you, Mr. President, continue to watch this video, you will see the manipulation too. If possible, I would love to show you the dirty truth about IU, the nation’s singer.”

  • “Comments were blocked, so I uploaded it to my main account, and (she) hacked my private information and blocked me from logging in. How far are you planning to block me? LOL.”
  • “During these late hours, the plagiarizer bought 40 thousand more followers, LOL. From 28,770,000 to 28,810,000 followers, that’s 130,000 followers in a week! That’s fitting for a manipulator.”

According to the author, the plagiarizing rumor became so prevalent that producers and music critics came to IU’s defense. IU’s “Give You My Heart” was alleged to have plagiarized GilguBongu‘s “Star.” Eventually, the producer of “Star” came forward to defend IU and stated that she was innocent of the allegations.

Hello! I’m the creator of GilguBongu’s “Star.” It isn’t similar. It isn’t plagiarism.

— Atone (Lim Ji Hyun)

Producers and music critics defending IU | theqoo

The anti-fans, however, did not let up and, despite being proven innocent by the producers themselves, continued to claim IU had plagiarized.

  • “Since people are losing interest in the plagiarism (accusations), it might be better if we release a video stating that ‘People who were plagiarized said this.’ The algorithm is blocked, so I’m worried at this rate it will be buried.”
  • “If it isn’t plagiarizing, why won’t they write an article like her real-estate speculation? She just bought off a no-name expert to defend her like the criminal she is.”

Netizens were shocked at the severity of the hate comments. Netizens expressed disgust and concern, while many others stated that the anti-fans should all be sued.

  • “They should all be sued. They don’t seem sane.”
  • “No wonder. The comments on YouTube about IU seemed strange… It’s like they are all brainwashed.”
  • “They are really crazy.”
  • “Her label needs to go to work, ㅜㅜ.”
  • “Is this how crazy people act? It’s scary…”
  • “People who hate people that they don’t know disgusts me.”
  • “Seriously, what is their problem? They need some help. They seriously seem like people who are mentally ill.

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Source: theqoo and yeonhap