Netizens Are Enraged At Reporter Who Claimed Code Kunst Shouldn’t Have Filmed “Date Content” If He Had A Girlfriend

“Is the reporter secretly in love with him?”

With the recent news revealing that musician Code Kunst was in a relationship, a news report made a controversial remark that many netizens did not agree with.

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Code Kunst recently garnered attention in an episode of MBC‘s I Live Alone, where he and Park Na Rae went on a one-day “date.” He took her out on a dream date where he treated her like a princess and made her cry tears of joy as he sang for her, showing his gentlemanly side.

Code Kunst performing for Park Na Rae on ‘I Live Alone’ | MBC

In the episode, many noticed that he was wearing a ring on his left fourth finger, where couple rings or wedding rings are usually worn. Because of this, people speculated he was in a relationship—and it was true. On May 4, it was reported that Code Kunst had been dating a beautiful non-celebrity for five years. Based on their shared interests in fashion and music, the two are happily in a relationship despite their busy schedules.

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After the news broke out, a media outlet reported that date concepts in TV programs are usually a plan to have viewers overindulge and stir up emotions of real love.

Usually, dating concept shooting is a plan to stimulate viewers’ overindulgion and emotions of realistic love. Therefore, it has been pointed out that whenever it is known that participants of dating shows are in relationships, the program loses its sincerity.


The report continued to share that this applies to Code Kunst as well.

Code Kunst is no exception. If he had a girlfriend, he should not have filmed a dating concept on the show. This lacks etiquette to Park Na Rae who was touched by their hanbok date and his improvised singing, and to the viewers who were excited and expressed their love for Code Kunst. If there was no other choice but to film the episode, he could have at least taken off his ring.

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When this news report was posted on an online community, netizens raged about how they did not understand why anyone would ever think this way. They expressed that I Live Alone was not a dating show like We Got Married, a popular dating show where celebrities were set up in pairs to be in a pretend “marriage.” Some joked that the reporter must secretly be in love with Code Kunst.

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  • “What kind of nonsense is this?”
  • “Is the reporter who wrote this secretly in love with Code Kunst or something?”
  • “???”
  • “What the hell, when was ‘I Live Alone’ a dating show?”
  • “What etiquette..? Why bring up Park Na Rae all of a sudden? Do they think this is really ‘We Got Married?'”
  • “How do they watch dramas where married actors with kids act in romance dramas? Hahaha.”
  • “What the hell are they saying”
  • “?? The two weren’t in a concept where they’re supposed to be dating..”
  • “Uh… Reporter… Nobody thinks this…”
  • “The audience is not stupid, what are you saying lol”
  • “What the f*ck is this nonsense?”
  • “They still do ‘We Got Married’? What kind of program is this that you need etiquette?”
  • “lol, dates are not only for romance; there can be dates among colleagues, too.. are you delusional or what?”
  • “That doesn’t even make sense… This thought never even crossed my mind… Is there a problem with the reporter’s mind?”
  • “The reporter must have gotten rejected by Code Kunst”
  • “Why do reporters release writings that should be kept in their diaries?”
  • “What the?? It was just a date for one day, and it’s not even a show where they pretend to be dating.. What’s wrong with them?”
  • “After seeing just the title, I thought it meant Code Kunst and Park Na Rae had been dating for five years but denied it… I’m speechless”
  • “ㅠㅠ it’s just a concept”
  • “What kind of stupid nonsense is this LOL”

Meanwhile, Code Kunst’s agency AOMG responded to the romance news saying that it’s difficult to confirm because it is the artist’s private life. On the other hand, an inside source stated that the two do not hide their relationship from those around them.

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What are your opinions on the news and what the netizens are saying?

Source: Sports Chosun and theqoo
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