Netizens Enraged After K-Pop Veteran BoA Invites Two Fans Into Her Instagram Live — Just For One To Show P*rn

The idol quickly ended the broadcast but the damage was done!

Netizens shared their shock and anger after K-Pop veteran BoA had to switch off an Instagram Live after a participant showed p*rn.

K-Pop idol BoA | @boakwon/Instagram

BoA debuted back in 2000 and has continued to showcase unreal talent, visuals, and charm, even seeming as if she could debut as a fourth-generation idol.



After so long in the industry, BoA still takes her time to chat with fans and recently, the idol has been going live on Instagram to chat with fans.

In particular, one of the idol’s recent broadcasts saw her invite fans to chat with her through the function that allows multiple people to be seen through video.

Yet, netizens couldn’t hide their shock and anger when BoA invited two men onto the broadcast, and the idol had to switch off the broadcast quickly. Many watching the stream revealed that one of the men who BoA had picked suddenly exposed some p*rn to the idol.

Of course, after the broadcast ended, netizens shared their shock and anger at what they had witnessed. Considering BoA took her time out to chat with fans, they hated that someone took advantage to show something inappropriate.

Considering what happened, it’s not surprising that BoA shared her own reaction when people started wondering about her allowing people into her live broadcasts.

I’m not going to allow anyone to join my Instagram Live. I’m not going to allow anyone to join this live Instagram, I was really shocked and really shamed that anyone to stream (?) that kind of shitty things.

— BoA

While idols love interacting with fans, it is moments like this that make them more reluctant. BoA did the right thing by switching it off and choosing not to allow anyone else to enter, but the actions of one individual have ruined it for all of her fans.