Netizens express shame over growing Korean plastic surgery culture

Netizens have expressed criticism and distaste toward the many plastic surgeries that take place in Korea after a report from Yeonhap News confirmed the increase of plastic surgery clinics in the last five years. 

According to the report, the number of plastic surgery clinics in Korea has increased 16% in the last 5 years. The report also revealed that a great number of the clinics, 36% of the total number in Korea (462 clinics), are found in Gangnam, Seoul.

South Korea is regarded as one of the top plastic surgery countries, with as many as 1 in 5 women in Seoul undergoing some procedure or another. Many Koreans opt for nose jobs, double eyelid surgery, and even double jaw surgery to obtain a slimmer jawline as they pursue their ideal look.

However, despite the popularity of plastic surgery among men and women alike, many netizens have shown their dislike toward the practice, expressing their sentiments as shown below.

1. [+ 1320, – 48] Man, I saw a plastic surgerized monster next to me on a bus and she looked like she was printed out of a factory..please don’t do the aegyo fat procedure under the eyes…it’s disgusting…

2. [+ 950, – 26] Plastic Surgery in Korea really is too much..

3. [+ 867, – 40] Every girl has the same face it’s terrifying

4. [+ 301, – 7] Half of my friends had double eyelid surgery and the other half had filler shots. They got prettier and more confident and all that is fine. Sometimes though when they see people that look ugly in their standard they criticize them so much even though they used to look worse. Tsk tsk plastic surgery is great but don’t forget what you used to look like and act out.

Source: Yeonhap News and Business Insider