Netizens Find “Irrefutable” Proof That aespa’s Karina Did Not Get Cosmetic Surgery On Her Nose — Defends Idol From Unfounded Allegations

“These allegations are so frustrating…”

Netizens defended aespa‘s Karina from long-standing plastic surgery allegations.

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On May 8, a post on an online community went viral. In the post titled “I Guess Karina Really Didn’t Have A Nose Job,” the author of the post uploaded proof that Karina did not undergo plastic surgery on her nose.

Karina, who is considered one of the top visuals in K-Pop’s fourth generation, unfortunately, has long-faced unfair and unfounded allegations about her nose. Many in Korea, where nose jobs are common, alleged that she had cosmetic surgery done to raise her nose.

In the post, the netizen posts a picture of Karina. In the picture, Karina is seen pressing on the tip of her nose, which many in Korea believe is a foolproof way of proving someone’s nose is their own and not the work of a plastic surgeon.

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A netizen, in the comments section, also posted another picture of Karina from her High School days. In the picture, the idol is seen with her signature nose.

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This is a side profile shot of Karina during her High School years before her debut. She has already proved that her nose (has always been) is high.

— Netizen

Other netizens also posted past photos of Karina, in which the idol is seen having the same nose.

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| nate pann
| nate pann

Netizens overwhelmingly agreed with the author of the post and defended Karina from unfounded rumors regarding her nose. 

  • “But the fact that there are plastic surgery allegations is dumbfounding, to begin with. What do you mean she got a nose job? Anyone can tell that her nose is natural. It is just a couple of people trolling.”
  • “She already had a high nose in all of her past photos.”
  • “To begin with, her nose doesn’t look unnatural, so what proof do they have when they make these allegations? They are just making unfounded one-sided allegations that are baseless.
  • “She has a lot of past photos, and in all of them, her nose is high.”
  • “She didn’t get a nose job. Plastic surgeons have all said that her nose isn’t even that high but that it looks higher because her face is so small. They also said that if you were to have surgery to make your nose like Karina’s, it would be too low.”
  • “Every time I see posts alleging she got a nose job, it is so frustrating because, due to the procedure, it would be impossible for her to make a pig nose. Those who are arguing that you can make pig noses even with a nose job are liars. I also got a nose job, but when I pretend I didn’t, I can move my nose right to left, but I can’t make a pig nose. These allegations are so frustrating.”
  • “Trolls who aren’t able to deal with their inferiority complex are going to start posting weird pictures here again.”

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