Netizens Are Freaking Out Over EXO Kai’s Viral Fancam

“This is simply shocking.”

A fancam of EXO’s Kai during their “Tempo” comeback showcase has been going viral and netizens alike have been freaking out over it.


The video already has over 500,000 views on Youtube and has been going viral on Facebook as well, surpassing 40,000 views.


There has been an unbelievably huge reaction to the clip and netizens are all completely in awe of Kai’s performance skills.

  • “Dayam… those dance moves”
  • “How can he dance like that”
  • “He’s so damn sexy”
  • “Crazy”
  • “Amazing…I was lost in admiration”
  • “Is he human? Damn he dances well…”
  • “I’ve never liked a singer in my life but this may be why people become fans”
  • “Crazy. He’s sexy even from a guy’s point of view. It overlaps with Michael Jackson…can’t believe he was this good. Please make a solo!”


They have been praising Kai for not only his excellent dancing skills but for the expressions on his face and his acting on stage.

  • “This is what you call acting on stage”
  • “The expressions on his face though”
  • “His expressions and dance are perfect…I’m coming back every day to see this”
  • “No words are necessary to describe this. This isn’t an idol dance, it’s artwork…”
  • “This is simply shocking”
  • “I knew he was good but I was really shocked after seeing this. He’s more of an artist than a dancer.”


Many netizens just could not stop watching the clip over and over again.

  • “I saw this yesterday and came to watch it again today. Kai is sincerely crazy”
  • “I’ve come for my daily dose of Kai”
  • “I’ve come again…I’ve been checking in for a week now. Kai’s dancing is by far the best”
  • “This is my morning and night fancam”
  • “I think I’ve watched it about 20 times now…”


As a result, they have concluded that this fancam was absolutely legendary.

  • “Is this the legendary fancam that even other fandoms have been coming to see?”
  • “Work of art”
  • “I’ve found my life-long fancam”
  • “Legendary”


Check out the full video below:

Source: Pann Nate