Netizens Are Furious As aespa’s Performance At An All-Boy High School Turn Dangerous Due To Lack Of Security

“WTF Kyungbock High School, did you guys not learn any etiquette at the school? “

All-world K-Pop group aespa, fresh off their Coachella performance, visited Lee Soo Man‘s alma mater, Kyungbock High School; however, criticism is mounting against the school’s lack of security.

Aespa at Coachella | Korea Herald
Aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

The group’s scheduled performance first made news on April 29, as the group, keeping with label SM Entertainment‘s tradition, would be performing at their chairman’s old High School.

Previously, Girl’s Generation performed at the High School in 2008, Red Velvet in 2015, NCT 127 in 2016, and NCT Dream in 2017 and 2019.

Seohyun (left) Taeyeon (center) Tiffany (right) performing at Kyungbock High School | News Chunji
Red Velvet at Kyungbock High School | Kook Min Ilbo
NCT 127’s Mark at Kyungbock High School
NCT Dream at Kyungbock High School | Summer Frappe/YouTube

Netizens were also looking forward to the rite of passage, stating, “This is SM’s tradition,” “Reserved for the rookie group,” and “They are now truly SM idols.

Unfortunately, what should have been a wonderful tribute to the school’s ties with the SM Chairman, turned into a dangerous situation for the ladies.

Pictures uploaded on May 2 to online communities show the group’s glaring lack of security detail.

Aespa at Kyungbock High School | Theqoo
Aespa at Kyungbock High School | Theqoo

Students are seen enveloping the group taking pictures while being at arms-length from the girls.

Karina at Kyungbock High School | Theqoo

It’s also reported that students allegedly made it past security to get up on stage with the group.

Students who were able to pass security and get on stage | Theqoo

Many netizens are scratching their head as to why there weren’t proper security for the group.

  • “Ah … fudge, they should have been provided proper security.”
  • “What… isn’t this a little extreme? Where is the security?”
  • “I mean, they really should have been provided security.”

  • “I don’t think it’s ever been this bad. This is pretty extreme.”
  • “Fail.”
  • “Going up on stage… did he lose his mind?”
  • “They should have been more careful since they are female idols. What if they are touched? They should have been provided proper security. The organization is a mess.”

Unfortunately, the performance would go from bad to worse, as the students started uploading their pictures on social media with distasteful and innapropriate captions.

A student captions photo, “Sex!!!” | Theqoo
A student captioned photo, “My girlfriends are here lol their body is f**king banging” | Theqoo
A student captioned photo, “Did everything but touch them” | Theqoo

Many fans are furious with the students, but many believe the school’s negligence is also to blame.

  • “WTF Kyungbock High School, did you guys not learn any etiquette at the school? Do you want to get in trouble with this ajuma? What class are you from?”
  • “Some get to watch them becauce they are Kyungbock High Students while others…”
  • “I remember I was there when Red Velvet came to visit and in our friend’s facebook all you saw was lewd comments.”
  • “F**k Kyungbock High.”

What do you think, should the school be held accountable?

Source: Wikitree, Theqoo and Wikitree


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