Netizens Are Furious As Pictures Of An Enormous Party Surface During Korea’s New Wave Of COVID-19

They hope the government increases their precautions.

Although COVID-19 restrictions are getting looser, the virus is still affecting many countries around the world. Due to our many strict measures, the number of breakouts has significantly decreased. However, this has caused people to become less cautious.

As such, South Korea, in particular, has been hit with a new wave of COVID-19 and still has several precautions in place the keep it low. However, some citizens have not been so understanding.

| Nate Pann

Recently, a netizen on the popular online community, Nate Pann, shared a photo of an enormous pool party held in Yangyang county. The county is a trendy vacation spot located in Gangwon Province since it is on the coast and has many beaches.

The netizen who shared the photo expressed how baffled they were and wrote, “There was a corona party at a local pool. Most of the people weren’t wearing masks. They must have come to Yangyang because there was traffic to Gangneung. Isn’t this crazy?”

| Nate Pann

Other netizens were outraged at the situation and hoped that the rest of the country would see this and learn from it or that the government would take action.

  • Do these people think that some people don’t go out and party because they don’t want to? Geez.”
  • “Omg, at a time like this?”
  • “There are more and more people getting infected.”
  • “How are they so thoughtless?”
  • “The government needs to bill all of the people who got COVID-19 from going to parties instead of paying for their medical bills.”
  • “If you search ‘Yangyang’ on Instagram you can see photos of this place packed with people.”
| Nate Pann
Source: Nate Pann
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