Netizens Believe Guests At NCT Doyoung’s Musical Might Be Future SM Entertainment Boy Group Members

Fans might have seen a glimpse of K-Pop’s future!

There is nothing netizens love more than spotting future idols before they have debuted. In the past, most companies preferred to keep their trainees hidden away to make their debut more surprising to fans. Yet, many have moved away from that by introducing fans through videos, social media accounts, and much more!

Recently, netizens believe that SM Entertainment might have given fans a glimpse of their newest trainees.

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Fans on an online community recently posted pictures of a group of male trainees who were spotted in the audience at a showing of the musical Marie Antoinette. Many K-Pop fans know that NCT‘s Doyoung is currently starring in the musical as Axel von Fersen, making it more likely they were from SM!

The suspected SM Trainees | Idol News/ Facebook

The netizen posted several pictures of the possible SM trainees both in the theatre and as they were leaving.

| Idol News/ Facebook
| Idol News/ Facebook

According to the user, many believed they were SM trainees because they were with a manager. It has become a trend for trainees to make appearances at performances featuring other artists from their company before they debut.

Yet, it isn’t the first time netizens have seen them. Many believe that these were the same trainees that had been previously seen attending the wedding of an SM Entertainment employee.

After seeing the photos, netizens predicted what the future of the trainees could be. While many thought they could be future members of NCT, after Sungchan and Shotaro joined last year, others have different ideas, preferring to believe that they are SM Hidden Trainees who might debut in a new group at some point.

Source: Idol News