Netizens harshly criticize Lee Min Ho for enlistment delay

Lee Min Ho is being heavily criticized by netizens for his decision to postpone his enlistment, many suspecting of whom suspect that miss A’s Suzy is the reason behind his actions.

On March 23rd, a representative from Lee Min Ho’s agency revealed, “Lee Min Ho has no plans to enlist in the army this year. I think he may go to the army around next year if he receives his call.”

After hearing this, many netizens immediately pointed to Lee Min Ho’s recently revealed relationship with Suzy as the reason, suspecting that the actor wanted to his enlistment due to his relationship, which has just begun.

In response to these accusations, the representative tried to clarify the situation saying, “His decision to postpone his enlistment has nothing to do with Suzy. Even next month he has advertisement filming and other events that are expected to keep him very busy. He is carefully choosing his next pieces to work on, which include both dramas and movies. He is also trying to finish graduate school.”

Despite these claims however, netizens continue to remain skeptical about Lee Min Ho’s decision to postpone his enlistment.

Earlier today, Dispatch revealed that actor Lee Min Ho and Suzy were in a relationship and released photos of the two celebrities on dates in London and Seoul. Since then, the news has spread like wildfire all over the Internet.

Check out some of the netizen comments below:

1. [+ 331, – 80] You’re an 87er which means you’re 30 next year you’re not thinking of avoiding serving in active duty are you??? Did the thought of playing around in a hotel make you think twice about spending time in the army??

2. [+ 301, – 77] Well the thought of doing things in a hotel for 2 nights and 3 days only after a month of dating would make anyone think twice about enlisting. But he must be signing up for active duty when he goes no????

3. [ + 278, – 89] I’m a fan of Suzy but if it’s Lee Minho I can understand. I think however, going to the army at a certain age is important and you should stop going to hotels.

Source: Sports Today