Netizens harshly criticize Sulli after hearing heartbreaking struggles of f(x) pre-debut

Recently, Luna shared a heart-breaking story on Sunny’s FM Date radio show about the hardships and long practices f(x) had to endure before debuting in 2009.

However, upon hearing this, netizens quickly jumped to criticize member Sulli who is slowly returning from her previous sudden hiatus from the entertainment industry that occurred following the announcement of her relationship with Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza last July, citing personal reasons.

Her sudden hiatus cut short promotions for f(x)’s “Red Light” last year, upsetting fans as they had waited a year for this comeback.

Sulli returned to the spotlight by participating in various magazine photoshoots in the past couple months, though did not participate in the f(x) recent CF for Baskin Robbins due to having been on hiatus during the contract signing deal. Fans will be happy to know that f(x) is indeed preparing for a comeback – both Victoria and Krystal confirming – though whether Sulli will be joining remains to hang in the air.

Netizens commented:

[+10,088, -375] All this suffering that f(x) is going through because of one member…

[+9,435, -170] She sounds like she was a practice-holic… she worked so hard for this debut but all it took was for one member to get popular and change her mind ㅠㅠㅠㅠ  Sigh, wishing f(x) more luck

[+9,301, -226] I honestly wouldn’t doubt Luna to be burning fire on the inside because of Sulli

[+8,091, -954] Sulli really needs to stop being a nuisance to the other members. SM seems like a breeding ground for discord. JYP seems like the better family atmosphere.

[+711, -19] I don’t think SM realizes just how popular f(x) is… SM, please give f(x) a comeback ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Luna’s singing seems like it’s improved on ‘Mask Best Singer’!!!

[+715, -24] They can just leave Sulli out and go with the four of them… how many times have they lost out on promo chances because of Sulli?

[+665, -22] Those who put in the time and effort to hone their talents will always prevail in the end. Pretty looks will get you momentary attention, but it can also be used against you to put you down. Look at Kim Tae Hee… everyone praises her for her beauty but do you ever hear a junior talk about respecting her and looking up to her as an actress?

[+518, -17] So is Sulli still off doing pictorials to herself because she still needs a mental break?

[+681, -28] So they went through all this work and effort to debut and Sulli ruined it all. Sure she can date and all but she can’t be acting like this to the members she suffered with. Can’t dance or sing… just be grateful to the other f(x) members that she even got this far tsk tsk

[+473, -34] f(x) had been on a roll with ‘Pinocchio’, ‘Hot Summer’, and ‘Electric Shock’… and then they just dropped.

[+395, -22] It’s all because of Choiza’s girlfriend

[+39, -4] f(x) was so known in their early debuts for Sulli and Krystal having attitude problems. They would’ve been highly respected idols if not for those two.

[+33, -4] With how lazy Sulli is on stage, it’d be weird if the group never got into fights over it.

[+26, -1] Their contracts expire next year~! I already have a feeling as to who will leave the team but I feel like Luna will stick with the team until the end~! ^^

Source: MyDaily