Netizens Are Heavily Divided On Former NCT Member Lucas’s New “Diss Track”

The opinions are very different.

Netizens are heavily divided after the release of former NCT member Lucas‘s new song “Renegade.”


On April 1, Lucas released his new song “Renegade.” From the very beginning of the song, netizens dubbed it a “diss track,” where he seemingly hit back at the haters.

He seemingly referred to the news and headlines about himself that surfaced during his past controversy.

The lyrics hit back at the haters, as Lucas dubbed himself a “fan favorite.”

When the song was first released, many fans praised the “idgaf” nature of the song and how Lucas was hitting back at the haters and criticisms he’s received.

Yet, some approached the release much more harshly, criticizing the singer’s ability and linking it to the fact it was released on April Fool’s Day. Some fans hadn’t seen an improvement in the idol’s skills and found the lyrics cringeworthy and inappropriate, considering what happened.

Lucas’s release has definitely become a hot topic online, but it has heavily divided opinions from netizens.

Source: SMTOWN


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