Netizens Are In Shock After EXO Sehun’s Bombshell Revelation — “Our Sehun” Trends On Twitter

“The more I think about it, the more chilling it is…”

Fans consoled EXO‘s Sehun after the idol revealed that the woman who was alleged to be his significant other had been pretending to be his girlfriend for years.

Sehun | W Korea

On March 28, Sehun took to Instagram to deny rumors alleging his alleged girlfriend was pregnant.

For a couple of days, there have been ridiculous rumors circling the internet, and I felt that I would need to respond legally to correct them.

As my fans will know, ever since a couple of years ago, there has been a woman who has been pretending to be my girlfriend. (The woman) uploads posts to her social media accounts to make it seem like we are dating. I have known this because I have been told of her, but because she isn’t someone I know, I just let it slide, and because of that, the situation has come to this.

All of the pictures and writings going around the internet aren’t me. I am absolutely sure.

— @oosehun/Instagram

Fans have since rallied around their idol to lend him their support amid the speculation. “Our Sehun” is trending (as of writing this article) in a show of solidarity by the idol’s fans.

Netizens on Twitter voiced their support for Sehun, with many stating that they believed in the idol’s explanation.

I’ll always believe Sehun. No matter what happens, I will be by his side. I will always support Sehun. I love him because he is Oh Sehun. Please continue to believe in our Sehun. We will always love you.

— @Fby713/Twitter

Ah, that was refreshing from our Sehun.

— @smhogu_is_me/Twitter

I will always support our Sehun. Please be happy.

— @94_11412_/Twitter

Don’t mess with Sehun oppa, you crazies.

— @isaywellbehappy/Twitter

Netizens in online communities also reacted to Sehun’s Instagram post. Many were shocked to learn that the alleged woman had been pretending to be Sehun’s girlfriend for years.

  • “But the more I think about it, the more chilling it is. There was a woman who pretended to be his girlfriend, and then psychos would see that and go crazy… And despite knowing this, he had to explain himself…”
  • “She did this for years? Amazing.”
  • “Crazy. She seriously deserves to go to jail, ㅠ.”
  • “There are so many people who act like they are (his) girlfriend… Psychos.”
  • “(She) acted like she was his girlfriend for years… She seems like a psycho.”
  • “Is she delusional? Is she mentally ill?”
  • “I’m seriously rooting for (Sehun) to win his lawsuit. (She) needs to get her act together.”
  • “I read somewhere that there was a similar incident in 2015.”
  • “Ugh… But it’s chilling to think that she acted like his girlfriend and uploaded posts and writing (as if she was his girlfriend).”

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Source: theqoo
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