Netizens Claim ITZY’s Yuna And Lia Look Like Twins, Fans Debate The Topic

Fans made this clear distinction.

Here are the two beautiful members of ITZY, Lia and Yuna.

Left: Lia, RIght: Yuna


They’re two different individuals with no blood relations at all. The closest familial relation that they have to each other is the sisterhood bond that they’ve created through ITZY.

Left: Lia, RIght: Yuna


But netizens from all over the world can’t seem to tell them apart! Many claim that Lia and Yuna look like twins.


But apparently it’s not just the international netizens. Korean netizens also claim that it’s hard to distinguish between the two.

Left: Lia, RIght: Yuna… (Why am I even captioning these photos… They’re clearly so different.)
  • “The more I see Lia and Yuna’s photos, they look like twins”
  • “When I see them on stage, I get confused if it’s Lia? or Yuna?”
  • “Am I the only one who think they’re twins?”
  • “I get more confused as I look at them more ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “I couldn’t tell them apart when I saw their teasers”


ITZY fans couldn’t stand by and watch. They decided to educate these muggles on how to tell the two members apart!

  • “No.”
  • “If you look at their performance, you can tell them apart”
  • “Their teaser images look kind of similar but if you see their other photos, they look so different”
  • “Yuna has clear facial features that fits the standard beauty style, and Lia looks chic when she’s not smiling but so cute when she is smiling”
  • “I hear a lot of people get them confused but I don’t understand how you can’t tell them apart… They don’t look anything alike”
  • “I guess they can’t tell them apart because they’re both so ridiculously beautiful”


Perhaps it’s the similar makeup style, but Lia and Yuna clearly have such different charms that you can’t get them confused at all!

Source: Nate Pann