Netizens lash out towards Jimin after the latest episode of “Unpretty Rapstar”

The latest episode of Mnet‘s female rapper survivor show, Unpretty Rapstar stirred up many unhappy emotions in viewers as Cheetah and AOA‘s Jimin went head-to-head in the semi-final battle. 

In episode 7 of Unpretty Rapstar, the contestants battled it out for a chance to stand on the final stage, with Jolly V losing to Jessi and the results between Jimin and Cheetah left in the air. Jimin gave a sexy performance in her collaboration stage with rapper IRON, while Cheetah stunned viewers with a touching performance as she rapped about her experience with being in a coma.

The semi-final performances sparked praise for Cheetah and her skill as a rapper, while Jimin received negative comments about her image as an idol rapper. Netizens heavily criticized Jimin for her performance, emphasizing that her idol like performance that could have been on a music program, rather than a charismatic rapping stage fit for the show.

Netizens continued to show their disappointment in Jimin, commenting on her wish to break the double standards associated with being an idol rapper but continuing using her idol status and giving idol-like performances. Many netizens, unhappy with the cliffhanger at the end of the episode, expressed their sentiment for Cheetah to win the battle with Jimin and advance to the final battle.

Check out some of the responses netizens left:

1. [+2,589, -378] Isn’t this Iron’s stage????? Jimin looked like she was performing for Music Core. If you’re a rapper, how about you try rapping for once ㅋㅋ

2. [+814, -63] This stage pretty much confirmed that Jimin is an idol to the bone

3. [+726, -58] I have no words for Jimin’s lyrics ㅋㅋ She talked about hating double standards and being treated like an idol but her lyrics are just complete idol talk ㅋㅋ Still talking about being the prettiest in unpretty rap star;;; She’s not a rapper, just a sexy idol

4. [+6,073, -276] Anyone can tell Cheetah won this… Like Cheetah said, Jimin just looked like she was performing on a music program

5. [+4,029, -108] Cheetah was the star of today’s episode

6. [+1,073, -103] Jimin seriously put Iron and backdancers up there and shook her hips around just to win over Cheetah… so unlikable

7. [+887, -46] Jimin’s a joke. She cries about being an idol all the time but she’s only gotten this far because she’s an idol…

8. [+4,125, -112] Cheetah was amazing… goosebumps

9. [+1,089, -23] Let’s keep the finals between Cheetah and Jessi

Source: Osen (1 and 2) and X Sports