Netizens At A Loss For Words After Seeing Youtuber Destroy 240 Pieces Of Sushi In “Mukbang”

She consumed 15,000 calories in one sitting.

A female Youtuber that goes by the name Tzuyang ate 240 pieces of sushi on a live “mukbang” show and left her viewers in complete shock.

*Mukbang: a term used to refer to a live broadcast in which hosts binge eat large amounts of food while interacting with their viewers.


The Youtube video titled “Sushi 240 Challenge Eating Show Korean” summarized the session and showed the petite woman destroy all 240 pieces of sushi. According to the Youtuber, she consumed a total of 15,000 calories by finishing the sushi.



Netizens were in shock and showed their support for the Youtuber.

  • “Wow, look at those sushi. This is amazing. I am a woman in her 40’s and I’m a huge fan. Please eat well and stay healthy. Vicarious satisfaction. Tzuyang, you are the best.”
  • “You can seriously eat…And editing the video yourself, you are amazing.”
  • “Tzuyang is a pro! You make other mukbangs no fun. I love wathing Tzuyang. Tzuyang loves to eat so much.”
  • “Tzuyang eats 1 year’s worth of sushi in 2 and a half hours. Amazing!”


Watch Tzuyang’s sushi challenge below:

Source: Dispatch