Netizens Are In Love With The Adorable Friendship Of These Two Idols

Their bickering is absolutely adorable.

These two idols are known to have been good friends since they were little and they’ve both grown to become successful K-Pop idols! These two idols are ASTRO‘s Moonbin and GFRIEND‘s SinB.


The pair recently appeared on a live broadcast session before their appearance on M!Countdown as the MCs and right from the start, they began to bicker and bicker and bicker some more.

SinB: It doesn’t come out if you hold it this way!!!
Moonbin: Why!! It looks fine
SinB: What’s wrong with you (punch)

Moonbin: We are the global MC crew (rolls pronunciation)~
SinB: Hahahaha your pronunciation hahah what’s wrong with your pronunciation hahah
Moonbin: You sure complain a lot

SinB: Today ASTRO!!! (copying their title song’s subtitle)
Moonbin: What~
SinB: Well you have to say the title!!!

SinB/Moonbin: If you want to see all these performances, watch M!Countdown live at 6pm from “Sunrise” to “All Night”~
Moonbin: You…You go reflect upon yourself`
SinB: Everyone, I don’t know what’s up with him today
Moonbin: If you do this later too, then I don’t know
SinB: You’re hopeless

Moonbin: We should zoom in right now
SinB: Please!!!!!
Minboon: Alritey…


Their bickering did not stop there. Throughout the music program, the two continued to joke around with each other as the MCs and it was obvious that they were extremely close friends. In fact, they played a short “best friend” game in order to prove their friendship:

Black bean noodle vs. spicy seafood noodle
Moonbin: Spicy seafood noodle
SinB: Black bean noodle
SinB: We are really different

Mountain vs. Ocean!!
Moonbin: Ocean
SinB: Mountain
SinB/Moonbin: ……..

Moonbin: You’re just…
SinB: Okay, please be quiet.


And while no one can deny that they had extraordinary chemistry and looked like good friends indeed, being friends may not always mean two people have to be in sync all the time!

SinB: (Finger heart)
Moonbin: (Big heart)
Moonbin: Hey…
SinB: Do this!!
Moonbin: No do this!!!
SinB: You have to do this!!
Moonbin: I’m saying let’s do this!


Being best friends also may not always mean two people give each other their best reactions either…

(Moonbin does sexy dance to new song)
SinB: That’s good (soulless).

(SinB does dance to next song)
Male fans: Woooowwwwwww!!!
Moonbin: Wooooowww~ Let’s forget about SinB’s dance and see the real Chungha’s performance!!


Looking back on a clip of the two idols from 2007, it seems like they haven’t changed at all!

Source: Pann Nate