Netizens Have Mixed Feelings About LE SSERAFIM’s Lightstick Reveal

The fandom is divided.

LE SSERAFIM finally have their first-ever lightstick, but netizens have mixed feelings about it.

LE SSERAFIM | Source Music

On March 3 at midnight KST, the group posted a teaser, revealing the design for their first official lightstick. It was also announced to be released on March 18.

The comment section for the video on YouTube was mostly supportive. FEARNOT, the group’s fandom, was happy to have an official lightstick finally, and many thought the design suited their concept.


Yet, elsewhere online, the fandom was expressing different opinions regarding the design.

Most of the fandom was excited that the lightstick had finally been released. A lot of FEARNOT think that it’s unique, and they also love that the fandom’s name is included in the design.

Yet, some netizens are criticizing the design for being “too simple” and even likening it to a baseball bat, torch, etc.

| @dylacn/TikTok

Netizens have even started making memes already, including the LE SSERAFIM lightstick. They’re replacing baseball bats with it in images and scenes from movies.

What do you think about the lightstick’s design?

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