Netizens Are Divided Over NewJeans’ Outfits And Styling At The 2022 MAMA Awards Red Carpet Event

“I really want NewJeans to fire their stylist…”

Since debuting, the newest girl group NewJeans has gained attention in so many ways. From their unreal talent, flawless visuals, and charming charisma, they are always the talk of the internet.

Yet, the members recently gained mixed reactions for their looks on the 2022 MAMA Awards red carpet.

Members of NewJeans | @newjeans_ADOR/Twitter

After wowing netizens on the first day of the 2022 MAMA Awards, fans were excited to see NewJeans take to the red carpet. Of course, even at a young age, the members truly knew how to own the event and gain attention from fans.

NewJeans at the MAMA Awards red carpet on day 2 | Mnet/YouTube

| Mnet/YouTube   

As expected, the images were equally as iconic, with the members showing off their beautiful visuals and charisma.

Yet, when the pictures and clips were shared online, netizens had mixed reactions. Many netizens loved the outfits, adding how age-appropriate and cute they seemed with the different styles and textures that allowed each of the members to shine.

A lot of fans had less than positive feelings after pointing out that the looks didn’t seem suitable for a red carpet, particularly compared to the more glamorous looks seen by other stars.

Many expressed their concerns that the stylist can’t be consistent with the looks, either gaining huge praise or criticism, asking for the team to be fired.

The other main issue for fans was the fact that, while all the stars had outfits that shocked crowds, NewJeans’ didn’t because they wore the same looks from the previous day.

On the first night, the group joined an epic collaboration of fourth-generation female idols. Eagle-eyed netizens noticed that NewJeans were wearing the same outfits on the second day’s red carpet as they did during the performance.

Some praised the decision, adding how much they loved the looks and wanted to see them again. Many explained that repeating outfits at such a huge event could be seen as “lazy,” especially after it is the same awards show and on two consecutive days.

In particular, considering how beautiful their outfits were for the performances on the second day, many raised annoyance at the “basic” outfits the girls wore on the red carpet.

Although netizens emphasized it isn’t the members’ fault but that of the stylists, many just want the members to be able to shine in their outfits. With their visuals and personality, the group deserves unique looks that emphasize their youthful charms and make them stand out.

Source: @kchartsmaster