Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To Alleged News That NewJeans’ Danielle Will Play Ariel In “Little Mermaid” — Netizens Criticize The Idol’s Pronunciation

“I mean, please use a voice actor when it’s appropriate…”

Netizens had mixed reactions to fans’ assumptions stating NewJeans’ Danielle would be playing Ariel in the Korean dubbed version of the upcoming live-action Little Mermaid film.

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On May 2, Disney Korea teased who would be playing Ariel in its upcoming film, Little Mermaid. In an Instagram post, Disney’s Korean account asked audiences to guess who would be playing Ariel. Disney hinted at who it is by providing a silhouette of the voice actress.

Who will be Korea’s Ariel?

— Disney Korea

It didn’t take long for fans to guess who the voice actress was. Many fans guessed that it was NewJeans’ Danielle who would be playing the role.

  • “No way, is it NewJeans’ Danielle?”
  • “Korea’s Ariel is NewJeans’ Danielle!”
  • “NewJeans’ Danielle.”
  • “It’s a perfect match! Danielle!”

Not long after, a snippet of the alleged Korean dubbed version of the movie went viral among netizens.

Netizens’ reactions were, however, mixed as although many fans were happy to see Danielle play Ariel, many others pointed to Danielle’s pronunciation when speaking Korean and stated it would have been better to have used a voice actress.

  • “Sounds ok to me. I didn’t know it was Danielle.”
  • “They should have used a voice-actor, ㅠ.”
  • “Oh, my god.”
  • “Her pronunciation when she sings bothers me so much…  (Writes out pronunciation).”
  • “It sounds pretty good to my ears, LOL.”
  • “This is wack… There is too much of a difference when compared to professional voice actors… The reason why they use voice actors (takes into consideration) is children and the disabled. What are they going to do if her pronunciation is so harsh and incorrect?”
  • “Her pronunciation when speaking is awkward too, but it is worse when she sings. They should have used a voice-actor, ㅠ.”
  • “I think they chose her because they wanted someone with a youthful voice, but her singing is so bad, it makes you wish they had someone else sing the songs, which is most important… Then it makes (Disney’s) reason for choosing an idol obsolete.”
  • “Her singing is fine, but her (pronunciation) when speaking her lines could be better, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “I’m not sure it’s so bad to the point that it warrants 1500 comments. How scary.”
  • “I mean, please use a voice actor when it’s appropriate, ㅠㅠ.”
  • “(points out pronunciation mistakes).”
  • “Why choose (her) when there are voice actors?”
  • “Wow, she’s reading (her lines) as if she’s reading a textbook.”

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Source: theqoo and sports dong-a
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