“Sexy TikTokers?” Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To RIIZE’s Recent TikTok With A New Female Idol Group

Some responded that the criticism was misogynistic.

Since debuting, SM Entertainment‘s new group RIIZE has caught the attention of fans worldwide. In particular, by making use of TikTok challenges, the members have reached different fandoms.


if you want something, let’s dance! #RIIZE #라이즈 #SHOTARO #쇼타로 #이채연 #LEECHAEYEON @이채연(Lee Chae Yeon) #GetAGuitar #RIIZE_GetAGuitar

♬ Get A Guitar – RIIZE



♬ Talk Saxy – RIIZE


Talk Saxy MANIAC! #RIIZE #라이즈 #SEUNGHAN #승한 #VIVIZ #비비지 @VIVIZ #신비 #SINB #엄지 #UMJI #TalkSaxy #RIIZE_TalkSaxy

♬ Talk Saxy – RIIZE

Yet, one recent TikTok collaboration RIIZE has done sparked “outrage” but also “defenders” after gaining mixed reactions. Recently, RIIZE appeared on the TikTok channel of new girl group QWER, a group consisting of four members that include Korean content creators and a former NMB48 Japanese idol.

The members of QWER | @official_QWER/Twitter

Recently, two members from both RIIZE and QWER did a TikTok video together.



Yet, while the TikTok video was fine and many fans loved the interaction, past content from the QWER members became a hot topic.

With many of the members being content creators, videos and photos of the members have surfaced, whether they are cosplaying and even rumors that they were BJ Streamers, who are known for their “sexual nature.”


Senpai 🎸🎸이 코스프레하고 디스코드 챌린지도 출까? #band #cosplay #challenge #evangelion #asuka #asukacosplay #qwer #anime #dance #mommy

♬ Gambare Gambare Senpai – Bemax


♬ –


🏴‍☠️명절은 해적누나와! #cosplay #epicseven #cosplay #dance #band #pirate #girlfriend #mommy

♬ Gambare Gambare Senpai – Bemax

It meant that when the video and the background of the QWER members were shared, some netizens reacted very negatively, claiming that SM Entertainment was trying to sabotage the members by doing TikTok videos with “anyone.”

  • “I think this is the worst out of all the people they have filmed challenges with. SM get your act together, what’s wrong with you?”
  • “Hey! Even the small labels don’t film challenges with people like them. Are you crazy?”
  • “Ah, can we stop f@cking giving these classless people clout?”

Yet, while some fans shared their anger and outrage at the TikTok video, many defended the group. While some pointed out that netizens seem obsessed with finding things to “criticize” RIIZE about, others pointed out how “misogynistic” the comments were.

  • “This serves no purpose other than to criticize RIIZE. Don’t cross the lines and wash your feet before you sleep~”
  • “The people who swear they hate those who hate women but in reality hate women the most, LOL”
  • “You guys are really doing too much over a challenge video, comparing them to adult streamers that strip for money. According to your logic, the streamers are also forced by their labels, so why are you criticizing them?”

When it got to some international fans, many also defended both RIIZE and the QWER members, sharing that none of the idols deserved the hate.

Source: Nate Pann