Netizens outraged at news of Red Velvet receiving special treatment

SM Entertainment fans were initially excited when they heard news that a girl group from the company would soon be deciding on an official fanclub name. Fans had thought that it would have to be f(x) but when they found out it wasn’t, they were outraged at the  ‘special treatment’ group Red Velvet is receiving

SM Entertainment is always the hot topic of discussion in the K-pop industry. In many cases good words about the company flow and in many more cases, criticism and anger towards the company can be heard as well…., SM Entertainment has been a hot topic endlessly for the last 10 years. But another problem arose after news emerged regarding one of their new rookie groups. The group Red Velvet is reportedly in the process of creating an official fandom from SM Entertainment which is making all other fandoms in SM Entertainment outraged.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens show their disappointment and anger towards SM Entertainment’s alleged special treatment towards some groups.

Titled “Amazing Special Treatment By SM Entertainment,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.


Translation: “Red Velvet will receiving their official fan club when the name is confirmed after promoting their 1st album ‘The red.'”

“No but how is Red Velvet receiving an official fan club first when a group in their 6th year of debut still hasn’t? I’m not a fan of f(x) but I assume that f(x) members and f(x) fans are disappointed and angry..”

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[ +107 / -3] No but I really freaking don’t understand. Why aren’t they making a fan club for f(x)? The number of fans cannot be ignored. What problem could they have that explains why they haven’t received an official fan club? I just want to hear their reasonings.

[ +83 / -1] Well… SM never really uses their money to get their artists’ fan clubs going so fans have to work hard to promote their artists hahahahaahaha Even for EXO, they are not picking fan clubs that charge money so every time they do promotions and concerts, fans are dying trying to keep up but SM still won’t let the fan clubs charge money hahahaha SHINee fan clubs, you have to pay but they still won’t pick the second class haha TVXQ fan clubs also charges but it is disappointing to see how many classes they picked so far hahaha SM never takes care of their fans.

[ +69 / -3] EXO won the grand prize in year 2013 and 2014 and sold at least a million albums every album but SM Entertainment won’t let EXO host a single fan meet………. They didn’t do any comeback showcases except for the one that was sponsored by Samsung because of the endorsement deals…. After fan club was made, no fan meets were hosted by them… Fans helped EXO win 1st place over 15 times with ‘call me baby’ but they still haven’t organized a single fan meeting……… It feels as if EXO is getting further away from me despite the fact that I’m living as an EXO-L.

[ +31 / -3] SM Entertainment is hopeless.. Why aren’t they promoting f(x) more… I really think fans willbe outraged if Red Velvet actually gets an official fan club before f(x) does…

[ +28 / 0] I’m really going to kill SM if SM Rookies get a paid fan club this year after their debut

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