Netizens petition against Kwanghee joining “Infinite Challenge” due to his connection with Yewon

After ZE:A‘s Kwanghee was confirmed as the sixth member of MBC‘s Infinite Challenge, he was the target of much controversy regarding his joining of the program’s cast.

Despite receiving congratulations from his fellow Sixth Man candidates and colleagues from the show, opposition to Kwanghee joining Infinite Challenge drew attention as netizens started a petition against him immediately after the official announcement on the April 18th episode of the program.

Opposition arose from the program’s official portal site, where more and more people voiced their objections towards the newly chosen member. A petition against Kwanghee joining Infinite Challenge has gone on Daum’s Agora, and more than 5,000 people have signed for it as of April 21st in Korea. The most prevalent reason requesting Kwanghee to step down is due to his connection with ex-Jewelry member Yewon, who was criticized for her poor attitude towards actress Lee Tae Im while they filmed for MBC‘s Tutoring Through Generations.

Netizens commented that due to having a close connection to Yewon in addition to being under the same agency, Kwanghee’s attitude could cause problems eventually. Voices grew as some added that Yewon never apologized genuinely and continued to appear  shamelessly on television programs, drawing questions toward the way their agency confront issues like this.

Nevertheless, others left encouraging comments for Kwanghee, showing their support for his activities, asking people not to judge a person just because of a wrongdoing of his acquaintance or associate.

Source: Asiae and Herald Pop