Netizens petition for Noh Hong Chul to remain on MBC’s “Infinite Challenge”

Despite the recent backlash received after getting caught driving under the influence of alcohol, Noh Hong Chul is being backed by netizens who strongly supports his spot on MBC‘s Infinite Challenge. 

On November 8th, Noh Hong Chul was stopped at a checkpoint where he refused to take a breathalyzer and instead opted to take a blood test. This incident prompted Noh Hong Chul to step down from programs that he is active on, including MBC’s Infinite Challenge. Netizens have now started a petition to reverse this decision and keep him on the show.

The petition is currently on Daum’s petition forum “Agora” where netizens are fighting to keep him on the beloved show. The decision to leave was made known by both the staff of Infinite Challenge and Noh Hong Chul who was quoted,“I’m sorry to disappoint everyone who cared for me because of a wrong decision I made and I deeply apologize. I made it known to the staff that I wish to step down from my positions on all programs, I made this decision to not displease viewers.”

The movement is currently small but it makes people wonder as to why it was started. Previously Leesang‘s Gil left the cast because of a DUI charge in April, leaving them to question the difference in Noh Hong Chul’s case. Netizens claim that Noh Hong Chul’s image to the public is a lot different which make them want to give him a second chance. There are 2 previous incidents where Noh Hong Chul has shown his caring and thoughtful side in the past.

Back in 2008 Noh Hong Chul was assaulted by a person with a mental disability. Hong Chul refused to attack back, despite being egged on by the assailant, because he did not want him to be punished for his disability.Furthermore, he received grave injuries due to this attack. Additonally, in 2013 he was involved in a traffic accident where he was rear-ended by a motorcycle. Thankfully he was not hurt but he quickly rushed to the motorcycle driver who was injured and took care of him until help arrived.

These 2 incidents helped paint a picture to the public of what kind of man Noh Hong Chul is and this is why they are willing to forgive him for this mistake.

Source: TV Daily