Netizens Praise ENHYPEN’s Jay For His Reaction To A Fan Fainting In The Audience

GA concerts can turn scary very quickly.

ENHYPEN‘s Jay is receiving praise for his quick reaction to and actions after a fan fainted during the show.


ENHYPEN are currently on the American leg of their Fate world tour and have entertained fans nationwide. An exclusive send-off perk has created some fantastic moments for fans on top of impressive performances.

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Like with many K-Pop concerts these days, most of ENHYPEN’s U.S. concerts have a general admission floor where fans will stand for the entirety of the show.

Due to the proximity to others during the show, fans can sometimes overheat or get overwhelmed, leading them to faint. This, unfortunately, happened during one of the group’s two shows in Newark, New Jersey.

During one of the group’s speaking parts, a fan recording Jay captured his reaction. While Heeseung spoke, Jay scanned the crowd, his expression changing to concern.


He then tells Heeseung to stop talking momentarily before he and the rest of the group spring to action. He can be heard telling security to check on the person.


After medics got to the individual, Jay told the fan not to worry and that they would be okay.

Once they began their speaking mentions again, Jake took time to remind fans that their safety was most important. He also urged fans to seek water and assistance as they needed it.


🚨🚨🚨 scary moment tonight at Fate Newark! VIP/GA faints in crowd. Enha handled it perfectly. Jay quickly spotted and the members got help immediately. Fan was escorted safely thanks to Enhypen stopping everything and even running to help. Hats off these boys! Theirs and the staffs urgency may have saved an Engene tonight 🧡 stay safe out there! #enhypen #FATE_IN_NEWARK #enha #fatenewark #prudentialcenter #enhypenjay @enhypen

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Fans have praised Jay and the other group members for their quick actions.